Template:Episode Crunchy Castle is the sixteenth episode of Candy Crush Saga. Winning trophy: Crunchy Count, this episode was released on October 25 2012.


Before episode:
In this episode, Tiffi meets a vampire who is unable to attend a Halloween party due to his sickness.
After episode: Tiffi gives the vampire a yellow candy which instantly cures him allowing him to attend the Halloween party.

New things

  • Dispensers, they can also produce liquorice. In one level of this episode, Level 221, a candy machine produces bombs, but bomb-creating dispensers become more profound in episode 19, Holiday Hut.


Crunchy Castle contains levels 216 to 230, with five jelly levels, five ingredient levels, four objective levels and one timed level.

This is an extremely easy episode, as it doesn't have any hard level. Only the last level, 230, can bring a bit of challenge.

Level Number Level Type
216 Objectives
217 Ingredient Drop
218 Jelly
219 Jelly
220 Objectives
221 Ingredient Drop
222 Jelly
223 Timed
224 Objectives
225 Ingredient Drop
226 Jelly
227 Objectives
228 Ingredient Drop
229 Jelly
230 Ingredient Drop


  • This episode commemorates Halloween, judging from the facade of the castle, a vampire as its mascot and dialogue between Tiffi and the vampire.
  • This is the 2nd episode to take place at night, the first is Gingerbread Glade, followed by Holiday Hut and Polka Palooza.
  • From this episode, Timed Levels has only one level per episode.
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