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Daily Booster Wheel Animating

Daily Booster Wheel (or Booster Wheel) is one of the events in Candy Crush Saga. It was released on 27 November 2013, upon the release of Dreamworld. Its icon is located on the bottom middle of the screen, or in the case of the mobile version, the top left of the screen. When a player clicks it, the wheel will automatically spin. The player can press the "Stop Wheel" button at any time, causing the wheel to slow down. When the wheel fully stops, whichever booster the wheel lands on, the player will receive one of it. The Daily Booster Wheel is available once a day and requires an internet connection.

On iOS and Android: the player must be connected to the internet to spin the wheel. Since August 2014, the daily booster wheel requires a network connection (Facebook / Without a connection, players are no longer able to obtain boosters without paying for them. However, some mobile players may still suffer a glitch that will not cause the booster wheel to return, but instead erase all of their progress, forcing them to start again at level 1.


Mouse-over text on Daily Booster Wheel: Spin and get a free booster!

Daily Booster Wheel description

Description of Daily Booster Wheel: Spin the wheel for free, once every day for a chance to win the Jackpot, a big box of sweets, containing 3 of each of the following: Lollipop Hammer, Colour Bomb, Jelly Fish, Free Switch, Striped & Wrapped, Coconut Wheel, and Lucky Candy.

Happy Spinning!

Information: One spin daily; booster won is free. Booster is not refundable; cannot be exchanged, transferred or used in other games.

Rewards list[]


Jackpot box

The Jackpot

Graphically, one out of eight equal sectors represents the Jackpot. If a player lands on the Jackpot, he/she will be rewarded with 3 of each reward from the rewards list, for a total of 21 boosters. As the jackpot claim prize icon was the boosters instead of the box on HTML5, it will be rewarded with only 1 of each reward. It was replaced by three stars as of September 2019 until the Golden Booster Wheel was added.

  • Despite appearing that the sectors of the wheel are equal in size, the wheel is rigged such that it rarely lands on the jackpot.
  • The likelihood of landing on the jackpot is unknown, but it is estimated to be a measly 1:450, which is vastly lower than 1:8.

Second Wheel[]

Second Wheel Button Mobile

Occasionally, the second wheel reveals itself once you claim your reward on the Daily Booster Wheel. The wheel will flip over with a different colour scheme. However, a spin costs some gold bars on it. The rewards are mainly the same, but the jackpot is replaced with three stars. If the wheel stops on the stars, you will be able to collect bonus gold, depending on how many consecutive times you land on the stars, up to a whopping 500 gold bars by making three hits on the stars in a row.

It is no longer available at the moment, where it uses the same reward list (other than Jackpot) as the standard wheel, and each spin costs 3 gold bars. On the mobile version, it may appear as a limited weekend offer, with the Colour Bomb being doubled, and the spinning price at 6 gold bars.

As of late October 2019, it is replaced by the Golden Booster Wheel, on HTML5 only, with the boosters being doubled, including a UFO and a Party Popper Booster and instead, it was gold. Also, this time, there are no gold bars, instead of the jackpot.

Description of Second Daily Booster Wheel: Get up to 500 Gold Bars! Get three stars in a row to collect your shiny golden prize.

Information: Each turn of the wheel is a new chance to win. If you miss the star field on the second or third try, you win collect your earnings and the prize ladder will go back to the first step.

Win Moves Wheel[]

Win moves wheel

From mobile (HTML5) v1.73 until a certain update in 2020, this wheel appeared upon level failure if the device is connected to the internet. Instead of simply giving up, the player can spin this wheel, get extra moves and continue playing. Each spin costs seven gold bars, however, every 48 hours, there was a free spin chance without gold cost. If the player gets extra moves, it is immediately used, and the player can continue, otherwise, the player gets another booster and can spin again for seven gold bars or tap the exit button and give up to inevitably fail the level. The chances of getting extra moves were exactly 50/50 because there are four extra move boosters and four other boosters.

  • If the player does not want to spin this wheel, tap the exit button at the upper right to leave.
  • Note that it can only provide extra moves. If there is a different failing case (i.e. a candy bomb is ticking), the corresponding booster (bomb cooler in this case) is not provided.
  • This wheel did not appear for timed levels, as there was no Extra Time on the Booster Wheel.
  • Boosters on this wheel include Colour Bomb ×2, Lollipop Hammer, Striped and Wrapped, Jelly Fish, +5 moves (3) and +15 moves.

In 2020, the feature of waiting for free spins was removed, making spending 7 gold bars to spin became mandatory. The Win Moves Wheel that appears upon failing the level was then later removed which makes the "Oh No!" screen now similar prior to v1.73 of mobile (HTML5) version of the game or the introduction of Win Moves Wheel where the screen only offers the option to spend gold for extra moves or end the game to fail the level (which is denoted by the X button), and replaced with an optional ad guaranteeing the rewarding of extra moves.

Win Moves Wheel by Watching Ad[]

In later HTML5 (mobile only) versions, this wheel will appear upon level failure if the device is connected to the internet. Instead of simply giving up, the player can watch an ad and then spin this wheel, get extra moves and continue playing. It is currently unknown if this is available on the Windows 10 app. Currently, one can obtain six extra moves by watching three ads.

Past Variations of this Wheel[]

  • Contents include: Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, +1 move, +2 moves (2), +3 moves, +4 moves and +5 moves.
  • Contents include (selective only): +1 move, +2 moves, +3 moves, +4 moves, +5 moves, +6 moves, +7 moves, +8 moves


  • On the Flash version, there is a ×3 on the bottom-right of the booster whenever you claim the prize. This is probably a glitch, as you will still only receive one of whichever prize you win, instead of three.
  • Boosters not included on the list: sweet teeth, extra time, bomb cooler, bubblegum troll, Dreamworld boosters and any discontinued boosters or charms.
    • Bomb cooler is seen on the Jackpot icon but isn't included in it.
      • It's also seen on the info screen of second wheel on mobile, however the,, boster is not stockable there.
    • Bubblegum troll is seen on the wheel icon of the web version when it is spinning.
    • Extra moves is not seen on other wheels until mobile v1.73, with the introduction of wthe in moves wheel.
  • About the colour of wheels:
    • It is red for daily booster wheel, and win moves wheel (free use).
    • It is blue for second wheel (early version).
    • It is green for win moves wheel (non-free use), and second wheel (v1.73).
    • It is gold for golden booster wheel.
  • The "Stop" button doesn't stop the wheel immediately. It slows down the wheel and let it gradually come to a stop. That means that if you are on a jackpot and you press stop, it isn't likely that you will land on a jackpot.
    • Before mobile v1.73, the reward was only shown after the wheel has fully stopped. As of v1.73, the result will be shown if it will not be changed.
  • It was temporarily removed on December 10, 2013 for 1 day, because their app page on Facebook said that it would be available for only 1 week.
  • Receiving a booster from the daily booster wheel does not sync between Flash and mobile (HTML5) versions. For example, If a player receives a lollipop hammer from the daily booster wheel on Flash, it will not be available to use on mobile devices, and vice versa.
    • However, the use of the wheel does sync. When you use your daily spin on mobile it will not be available on Flash, and vice versa. However, when you use the wheel on both versions at the same time, you will not lose the booster wheel for the other one.
  • For unknown reasons, the wheel was only available for a spin in Reality and not in Dreamworld, even if the booster is available on both worlds.
    • Recently, both versions allowed to spin the wheel in Dreamworld until Dreamworld was discontinued.
  • The wheel is available once every calendar day (as opposed to once every 24 hours) matching the timezone of the platform in use.
    • In mobile 1.59, however, it was available every calendar day according to UTC timezone regardless of the actual timezone of device.
  • After the Biscuit Bungalow update, the daily booster wheel icon was relocated to the bottom left of the screen.
    • On mobile, it stays at the upper left corner, below the gold bars and message box. If the second wheel is available, a timer will be shown for the remaining time.
      • As of v1.67, the button appears only when connected to the internet.