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Dark Chocolate Fountain

Dark Chocolate Fountain, also known as the Dark Chocolate Spawner, is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It first appears in Episode 613, with the first level being level 9171.


For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.


  • The dark chocolate fountain looks almost identical to the regular chocolate fountain. The only difference is that the chocolate inside is a darker brown colour.
  • They spawn either one, two or three-layered dark chocolate. Each dark chocolate fountain can only spawn one type of dark chocolate, though multiple types of dark chocolate fountain can exist in the same level. For example, level 9171 has dark chocolate fountains that spawn two-layered dark chocolate on the upper part of the board and dark chocolate fountains that spawn three-layered dark chocolate on the lower part of the board.

Notable levels[]

  • Level 9171 - First appearance. First appearance of dark chocolate fountains that spawn two- and three-layered dark chocolate. First appearance in jelly levels.
  • Level 9172 - First level where you must rely on dark chocolate fountains to fulfil dark chocolate order. First appearance in candy order levels.
  • Level 9174 - First appearance in jelly-order mixed levels. After a redesign, it's also the first level with dark chocolate fountains in crystals.
  • Level 9183 - First appearance in order-ingredients mixed levels.
  • Level 9268 - First appearance of dark chocolate fountains that spawn one-layered dark chocolate.
  • Level 9317 - First appearance in rainbow rapids mixed levels. Also first appearance in a level with a regular colour scheme.
  • Level 9342 - First regular rainbow rapids level with dark chocolate fountains.
  • Level 9410 - First level with both types of chocolate fountain.
  • Level 9940 - First level with dark chocolate fountains in order locks.


  • This blocker has the codes 211 to 213. There are 3 different types, according to the code.
    • One-layered: 211
    • Two-layered: 212
    • Three-layered: 213
  • This is the first "spawning blocker" exclusive to HTML5 version.
  • Dark chocolate fountain is the first blocker to be introduced after alternate colour schemes were implemented.
    • It's also the last blocker to be introduced before mystery candies and chameleon candies were removed from the game.
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