Gender Unknown
First appearance Unknown
Problem The lemonade lake is almost dried up.
Solution Tiffi filled up the lake by opening the lemonade pipe.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Dragon is a recurring character in Candy Crush Saga. He is first encountered in the 3rd episode Lemonade Lake as the main mascot. The second appearance is Sweet Surprise, and its third being Fudge Islands.

Before introducing level 21Tiffi encounters Dragon who is crying because his lemonade lake is almost dry. After completing level 35, Tiffi jumps on rocks and opened the lemonade pipe. The lake is filled again with lemonade. Dragon is happy and says: "Hurray! Cheers for the lemonade!".

He is one of the characters that appears after completing level 215 in Sweet Surprise. He is situated at the lower left corner.

His third appearance is in the 25th episode, Fudge Islands, after completing level 365, Tiffi is calling him to light all the candles on the pieces of fudge in the islands using his fiery breath.

Dragon also makes a cameo in the episode Honey Hot Tub, the 3rd episode in the Dreamworld. There is no story that involves him but he appears in the background, but with a dreamy palette-swap. He relaxes in his hot tub.


Dragon Boat
  • He is the only character who made at least three appearances besides Bubblegum Troll, Easter Bunny, Misty, Cherry Baroness, Mr. Yeti, and Rat. However, he can be considered the only protagonist with Misty, Easter Bunny, and Mr. Yeti that has made three appearances, as Bubblegum Troll can be considered as an antagonist.
  • In Fudge Fjord, there is a boat that resembles him.
  • He can breathe fire, according to the after story of Fudge Islands.
    • However, according to site, he cannot breathe fire.


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