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Gender Unknown
First appearance Unknown
Problem A scary pterodactyl is out to get the Dinosaur.
Solution Tiffi grabs a huge mystery egg that he can hide in.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Dinosaur is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is encountered in the 21st episode, Jelly Jungle. Before introducing level 291,he is scared because he has no place to hide, and a scary pterodactyl is out to get him, flying around in the sky. After completing level 305, Tiffi grabs a huge mystery egg and plops it on top of the small dinosaur, confusing the predator, who eventually flies away, allowing the dinosaur to safely walk around again.

In the 21st Dreamworld episode, Jurassic Jaws, he is biting on play teeth which causes Tiffi to laugh.


  • The dinosaur's bow tie is light blue in Jelly Jungle, but purple in Jurassic Jaws.
  • He became the character of the year in 2014.


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