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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

When Dreamworld was first released

Dreamworld was a parallel world in Candy Crush Saga. It was required that you completed level 50 to access Dreamworld. Almost all levels and episodes of Dreamworld were based on the equivalent version in Reality, but Dreamworld levels featured a unique Moon Scale mechanic which requires the player to balance the matches by color, and utilize the Moon Struck after certain moves were made.

The last episode of Dreamworld was Dozy Dawn, the 45th episode, released on May 6, 2015 on Flash and June 3, 2015 on mobile. Dreamworld was removed from mobile on December 11, 2016. It was later removed altogether at the release of Watermelon Waves on May 17, 2017.

For a while, your scores and records for Dreamworld were still kept internally. For an unknown duration after the full removal, Dreamworld could only be played if you had an old mobile version that had been set to prevent updating. This is no longer the case. Dreamworld is now strictly gone, and all Dreamworld progress has been removed for all players, and your Dreamworld progress is no longer saveable at all even on old mobile versions. With the mass redesign of early levels soon after April Fools 2020, it is unlikely Dreamworld will come back.

A proposal was made for the revival of Dreamworld on King Community.
This proposal is still active and has over 200 upvotes.


There were a few differences that were present in every level besides the type. With one exception, the stories were replaced with animations that represented an ideal and happy situation. Each episode began by starting at the first level, no story beforehand.

An owl named Odus is in each level perched atop the moon scale and 2 random coloured candies on each side of him which you had to balance or else you would fail the level. The moon scale was not affected by any order of a specific candy colour.

The moon scale tracked your moves and, when filled to the top, it created an effect called moon struck which removed one or two colours from the board completely until the effect ended in a certain number of moves. One colour appearing on the moon scale would be removed if there were five colours of candies. Both colours on the moon scale would be removed if the board included six colours.

In Dreamworld, Tiffi was tired, having just helped many mascots. She went to bed and ended up in Dreamworld.

There were 665 levels in Dreamworld. The first 65 levels were released on November 27 2013 on the web version and on December 10 2013 on mobile devices, almost 2 months after the release of the episode Meringue Moor. Starting in early 2014, new episodes were released at a rate of about one new episode every two weeks. On May 6 2015, King ceased making further episodes as Dozy Dawn was released, marking this series' ending at a count of 665 levels. The final release was May 6 2015 for the web version and June 3 2015 for the mobile version.

In an update on December 11 2016, access to Dreamworld was removed from mobile. However, King claimed that this removal was temporary, but the duration remained unknown.[1] On May 17 2017, Dreamworld was completely removed in a major update several minutes before the release of the 169th episode, Watermelon Waves.

See the full list of Dreamworld levels.

Web description[]

Dreamworld is unlocked once you pass level 50. This enchanting experience introduces a new layer of equilibrium-based gameplay; keeping Odus the Owl perched on his half-moon by crushing certain candies that keep him steady.

Once you’ve unlocked the magical Dreamworld (available after level 50), you can experience the earlier levels of the game again with a dream-like twist. If you prefer, you can still return to your existing level position in Candy Kingdom - your progress will not be lost.


There were 665 levels in Dreamworld.

Players must have completed Level 50 to access Dreamworld. Additionally, a player cannot progress progress to new levels in the Dreamworld until the equivalent level was completed in Reality. For example, level 531 of Dreamworld couldn't be played until the Reality episode Sticky Savannah was completed. Clicking on the lock brought up a popup box that said: Next dream is locked complete another episode in the Saga to unlock your next dream adventure.

Most levels were almost identical to the first 665 normal levels, with additional blockers. All timed levels were replaced by other level types, usually still being based on the Reality counterparts.

The levels were usually harder than their counterparts, either having fewer moves or having more colours, for example, level 31 had 5 colours as opposed to 3 in the Reality counterpart. Level 70 was also another much harder one, which had 20 moves instead of the original 50 and no helper striped candies. Level 68 was also very hard due to having 18 moves instead of 22 and 6 colours instead of 5. The shape of the board was sometimes redesigned as well.

Some levels even had entirely different Dreamworld counterparts with designs unique to Dreamworld; examples of this were levels 172, 189, and 211.

Even on levels that were identical in layout and moves, their two and three-star target scores were higher. Examples were levels 33, 152, and 287.

On the other hand, some hard Reality levels were easier in Dreamworld, even though there were fewer moves available. It mostly depends on the moon struck.

Level type First appearance Last appearance Appearances
Moves Target score new.png Level 1 Level 646 25 (3.76%)
Jelly Jelly new.png Level 6 Level 663 304 (45.71%)
Ingredients Ingredient drop new.png Level 11 Level 664 181 (27.22%)
Candy Order Objective new.png Level 126 Level 665 155 (23.31%)

Release dates (Web)[]

Dreamworld episodes were usually released on a fortnightly basis. During that time, episodes were released every week, alternating between Reality and Dreamworld episodes. The same Dreamworld episode was released on mobile usually two to four weeks after.

  • 1-65: November 27, 2013 (First 5 episodes)
  • 66-95: January 23, 2014 (E6 and E7)
  • 96-110: February 6,2014 (E8)
  • 111-125: February 19, 2014 (E9)
  • 126-140: February 26, 2014 (E10)
  • 141-170: March 5, 2014 (E11 and E12)
  • 171-185: March 19, 2014 (E13)
  • 186-200: April 2, 2014 (E14)
  • 201-215: April 14, 2014 (E15)
  • 216-245: April 28, 2014 (E16 and E17)
  • 246-260: May 14, 2014 (E19)
  • 261-290: May 28, 2014 (E20)
  • 291-305: June 11, 2014 (E21)
  • 306-320: June 25, 2014 (E22)
  • 321-335: July 9, 2014 (E23)
  • 336-350: July 16, 2014 (E24)
  • 351-365: July 30, 2014 (E25)
  • 366-380: August 13, 2014 (E26)
  • 381-395: August 27, 2014 (E27)
  • 396-410: September 10, 2014 (E28)
  • 411-425: September 24, 2014 (E29)
  • 426-440: October 8, 2014 (E30)
  • 441-455: October 22, 2014 (E31)
  • 456-470: November 6, 2014 (E32)
  • 471-485: November 19, 2014 (E33)
  • 486-500: December 3, 2014 (E34)
  • 501-515: December 18, 2014 (E35)
  • 516-530: December 29, 2014 (E36)
  • 531-545: January 14, 2015 (E37)
  • 546-560: January 29, 2015 (E38)
  • 561-575: February 11, 2015 (E39)
  • 576-590: February 25, 2015 (E40)
  • 591-605: March 11, 2015 (E41)
  • 606-620: March 25, 2015 (E42)
  • 621-635: April 8, 2015 (E43)
  • 636-650: April 22, 2015 (E44)
  • 651-665: May 6, 2015 (E45)

Boosters were rewarded upon completion of all Dreamworld levels.

Milestone levels[]

  • There were some levels which were milestone levels on some level types.
    • For the jelly levels,
    • For the ingredients levels,
    • For the candy order levels,


  • Dreamworld had been vibrant and in active development for 75 weeks, from the initial release for some players to the release of Dozy Dawn on Desktop. [1]
  • Dreamworld was in existence for 1,267 days, 3 years, 5 months and 20 days or 181 Weeks. [2]
  • Dreamworld did not have any timed levels due to the moon struck system relating to the limited number of moves. They were replaced by 7 moves levels (20, 27, 43, 59, 64, 94, and 358), 15 jelly levels (32, 84, 108, 121, 151, 177, 198, 204, 223, 267, 343, 373, 433, 462, and 618), 6 ingredients levels (80, 139, 159, 189, 211, and 297), and 10 candy order levels (134, 145, 166, 182, 237, 252, 283, 313, 328, and 403).
    • Also, two of the jelly levels had been replaced by candy order levels (172 and 276, both misplaced levels based on a different Reality level), and one moves level being replaced with a jelly level (612).
    • Five Dreamworld levels with timed Reality counterparts were not based on any Reality level; The designs were exclusive to Dreamworld. They were Level 204, 211, 283, 297, and 328.
  • Like in Reality, the map was divided into worlds by clouds in Flash, and was a continuous path in mobile.
  • The entire world was dedicated to level 500, though in a manner considerably dissimilar to Episode 15 which was dedicated to level 200. It was the main reason why the gap between the release of Meringue Moor and Ice Cream Caves was very long at 71 days.
  • For unknown reasons, champion titles for Dreamworld were not present.
  • The map in all versions was a backward map of the first 32 episodes of Reality. Exceptions were all the episodes in World 3, Candy Kaiju and all episodes of World 6 on Facebook which were identical to the Reality version. However, the Extraordinary Estate update caused the Dreamworld on the mobile version to no longer be the backward map of Reality.
  • Every level either had five or six candy colours due to the fact moon struck always had four colours. In a five colour level, one colour would get removed, whilst two would get removed in a six colour level.
  • Some of the six-colour Reality levels had five colours in Dreamworld. They were levels 29, 100, 108, 121, 122, 125, 134, 139, 147, 159, 176, 237, 267, 283, 306, 365, 371, 377, 421, 628, 633, and 660. However, some of the five-colour Reality levels had six colours in Dreamworld. They were levels 11, 12, 19, 27, 46, 54, 65, 68, 167, 188, 198, 240, 358, 359, 367, 380, 414, 426, 427, 438, 440, 441, 459 on web version, 462, 501, 537, 541, 543, 545, 572, 583, 594, 598, 626, 655, and 663.
    • Levels 65, 167, 414, 438, 440 and 459 originally had six colours in their Reality counterpart before they were nerfed.
    • On the issue of six colours, while levels with four colours in their counterparts, in Reality, would have more colours in Dreamworld, most would only increase by one colour. However, there were some levels with two more colours than its counterpart in Reality. They were levels 34, 172, 606 and 624.
  • Some of the Dreamworld levels had more moves than their Reality counterpart (1, 2, 3, 9, 15, 17, 18, 31, 65, 113, 114, 185, 200, 276, 309, 331, 336, 357, 376, 421, 435, 436, 458, 459, 460, 479, 526 on web version, 530, 594 on web version, 596, 616, and 653).
    • Level 526 on HTML5 and level 594 on HTML5 had 35 moves just like their counterparts in Dreamworld.
    • Level 381 of the infamously difficult Fanciful Fort was once an erroneous copy of level 396, but with the release of Rambunctious Riffs, it was corrected. It was also an easy level.
  • If you went to the FAQ at, it stated that Dreamworld was unlocked once players passed level 35. However, the truth was that you needed to pass level 50 to unlock Dreamworld. This was subsequently fixed.[2]
  • The game colour theme was purple instead of pink.
  • Many players believe that the game biased the boards to one colour. This was truly true, especially with colours on the moon scale. Say the scale was tilted toward green and you needed oranges to balance the scale. The game would give you more greens in the form of cascades, leading to an unfair loss.
  • Many Dreamworld levels were considered harder than their Reality counterpart and could be very frustrating. This was especially true for Candy Order levels and Ingredients levels. Examples included 189, 198, 237, 289, 297, 325, 341, 376, 430, 434, and 541. Conversely, Moves levels and Jelly levels could be much easier than their Reality counterparts. These included 97, 98, 275, 461, 470, 492 and 530.
  • Dozy Dawn was the last episode in the Dreamworld. It ended with Tiffi finally waking up.
  • The difficulty in most episodes varied heavily; a ridiculously easy episode can follow a ridiculously hard episode and vice versa. This is noticeable in the first two worlds of Dreamworld.
  • The removal of Dreamworld also resulted in the removal of four themes of music from the game: the Dreamworld map theme, the Dreamworld level theme, the Odus tutorial theme, and the Moonstruck theme.


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