Dutch Girl
Character EP41
Gender Female
First appearance Wafer-Windmill
Problem She lost her wafer and she will eat the windmill if she doesn't find it.
Solution Tiffi finds her wafer using a wafer detector.
Full list of appearances Reality:


The Dutch Girl is a minor character of Candy Crush Saga. She first appears in the 41st episode, Wafer Windmill. Before introducing level 591, she lost her wafer, and she says to Tiffi that she will eat the windmill if she does not find it. After completing level 605, Tiffi finds the wafer using a sound detector. Thus, the Dutch girl will not anymore decided to eat the windmill. The windmill also becomes happy as a result.

In the 41st Dreamworld episode, Twilight Tulips, she pops out from a tulip.


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