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There are more than 270 episodes in Candy Crush Saga

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All levels are grouped into episodes (also known as chapters). Most episode names have two words and the same initial letter sounds. There are currently 714 episodes (five episodes per world) in Reality. There were also 45 episodes in Dreamworld (seven worlds: 6 episodes in each except World Eight), but the latter was entirely removed from the game.

The first two episodes contain 10 levels, all the rest contain 15. Before, after you finished the last level of the previous episode, you need to ask for three of your Facebook / King friends to give you a ticket to cross, wait for 72 hours, or buy 9 gold bars (3 for each ticket). Since Flash is obsolete, and due to updates in HTML5, you can freely pass to the next episode.

Each episode has its own mascot and theme. The mascot can be a person, an animal, or other things such as a robot, vampire, or fairy. The logo is the episode's name in bolded words (Candice) with a background striped banner (that have one end crooked to a different direction than the other end) to match the episode's area. Each of them has a problem, and Tiffi solves it for them. Some of them have special themes dedicated for a certain season, such as Christmas or Halloween.

Almost all episode names released before 8 July 2020 consist of two words starting with the same letter. Of the ten rotating names, eight are alliterations, with the two exceptions being "Lollipop Meadow" and "Chocolate Mountain."

However, later episodes show no specific problem, even if the player plays the episode for the first time. Since Episode 70, she hasn't helped with problems, since there aren't any. Recently, numerous episodes released in HTML5 feature reused scenes from episodes released earlier.

On November 27, 2013, Dreamworld was released, with new episodes. Each episode imitated an episode in Reality, but either in an easier or more difficult manner. To get to Dreamworld, you click on an owl named Odus on the map screen, and click him again to return to Reality. Unfortunately, this feature was removed, on HTML5 since 11 December 2016, and on Flash since 17 May 2017.

After Peppermint Portal (episode 189), there are no more episodes on Flash version. It is unknown when the last episode for HTML5 version will be.

Here is a list of all the current episodes in Candy Crush Saga, divided into worlds:




  • Some episode names of Dreamworld (especially in the first word) ended with the suffixes -y, -ing, -ful, and -ous.
  • All episodes with Allen are rated at least somewhat hard, as well as Cherry Baroness in Reality episodes, but at least hard instead.
  • On 28 June 2017 on Facebook, after the player completed episodes, there was a mini-game at the checkpoint (the tent) in which the player could get an extra booster by choosing a gift.
  • All episode openers (other than level 1 and level 11) are congruent to six modulo 15. Because of this, all episodes (starting with Lemonade Lake) begin on levels whose numbers are divisible by three.
  • After Cocoa Cove, episodes usually have more 4-coloured levels instead of 5.
  • Polkapalooza is the only episode with a one-word name.
  • Peppermint Portal is the final episode on Flash version due to Mr. Toffee appeared and the background shows the end of the map.
  • The following episodes by seasonal holidays or seasons:
  • In some occasional times, 2 or more episodes are released.
    • A rare event, in which it is called "Double Content Drop", has occurred several times. Since the release of episodes 262-263, it became the new standard rate of release.
    • A very rare event of episode release, in which three episodes are released in a single week, has occurred several times. Since the release of episodes 366-368, it became the new standard rate of release.
    • An ultra rare event of episode release, in which four or more episodes are released in a single week, has occurred 3 times.
  • On April Fools Day 2020, the episode names were changed, with each episode having one of the following ten names: Lollipop Meadow, Lemonade Lake, Chocolate Mountains, Gummy Gardens, Rainbow Reef, Soda Sea, Caramel Canyons, Sunny Swamp, Bubblegum Hill and Fantastic Forest.
  • Some episodes mark a significant turning point in the game, such as:
    • Meringue Moor (Episode 34), which was the inspiration for Dreamworld, which has long since been removed.
    • Cereal Sea, which (at the time) was the first episode in a long time to have moves levels and timed levels.
    • Minty Meadow (Episode 64), the first episode released after the end of Dreamworld, and the first episode to reuse a previous episode's name.
    • Hoax Hollow, which was released on the day that the Toffee Tornado was permanently removed from the game, paving the way for more hated and/or unnecessary features to be removed in the future.
    • Delicious Dynasty, the 100th episode and the point in the game where new characters stopped being made (at least in Flash version).
    • Sugar Shrubs, which introduced a new level type for the first time since 2012 (the year the game was first released.
    • Watermelon Waves, whose release coincided with the removal of Dreamworld.
    • Peppermint Portal and Delectable Dominion, which marked the end of Flash version and the beginning of HTML5 version exclusivity.
    • Popping Peninsula, the last episode ever with a timed level before they were removed.
    • Bonbon Brambles, which introduced the first ever blocker exclusive to HTML5.
    • Liquorice Lounge, which introduced the first HTML5 exclusive character.
    • Donut Disco, which not only celebrated the milestone Level 4000, but solidified the trend of multiple episodes being released each week (as well as being the first time when three episodes were released in a single week, which in now the current trend).
    • Polkapalooza (Episode 352), the point in the game where episode names, backgrounds and stories began to be reused.
    • Wintry Workshop, the last milestone episode with an original background and story and the last official Christmas episode.
    • Harmonious Hives, the last episode with an original background and story before the trend of every episode having a reused background and story began. The first episode which starts this trend is Marshmallow Mansion; furthermore the reused backgrounds and stories are in relative order, namely it uses the story 382 before this episode, and holiday episodes began releasing out of holidays.
    • Bubble Base, the last episode with a moves level prior to the April Fool's Day (2020) event which changed the map (and likely the last episode with a moves level ever).
    • Coral Cantina, the last episode with extra moves candies before they were removed.
    • Snowy Suburbs, the first HTML5 episode to introduce a new level type.
    • Choco City, the last ever episode with official map textures, an original name, character and champion title.
    • Creator's Crib, the last episode ever to have an original background and story, the last episode with a new character and the last episode which celebrates a milestone before April Fool's Day 2020.
    • Caramel Canyons (Episode 489) is the first episode without map textures, an official name, character or champion title. Instead, the name of the episode comes from the April Fool's Day event and the trend starts here and will continue until the end of the game.
    • Milestone Meadow, which celebrates Level 10000, is the next episode with a map texture and an official name.
  • So far, there has not been any holiday-themed episodes after episode names were put on a 10-episode loop in the summer of 2020.
  • Episode names in Candy Crush Friends Saga had already been on rotation every four episodes since the game's release in October 2018.
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