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Event is a basic feature in Candy Crush Saga alongside levels, providing added functionality, side quests, and bonus boosters to players besides completing new levels to reach the current end of the map. It is one of the three main views outside of level gameplay, along with the map and the shop.

An event may occur when the player joins the game on specific periods. Multiple events can be active at a time, some events require a cooldown, and other events are ongoing with no definite end date. The completion of events usually yielded stocked boosters, booster/life passes, and even Gold.

Most events occur only on the app version; only a few are still present on Flash. As of 2021, all events occur only on the HTML5 (mobile) version; also one can only participate in events after they have completed a certain number of episodes (especially the first two episodes).

Recently, the impact of events, especially Candy Necklace, advertisement offers, and Episode Race, resulted in major shifts in general gameplay and game advancement.

Main events[]

For the list of all events, see here.

Many of the events have a common objective. Some events are ongoing, while others are specific to a certain period or even a certain day.

List of events[]

Below is all the events which are listed from oldest to latest.


Events are currently the main means of obtaining boosters and Gold to complete difficulty. Some events will provide booster passes upon meeting conditions while others will provide Gold, usually a meager amount.

Recent events have became very powerful. By mastering these events and taking measures to avoid losing a life at all costs, the player can easily override the difficulties of entire levels and episodes and progress very quickly on the map.

On the flip side, many events have cool-down periods, meaning that the benefits or the event will be put on hold for a period of time. Coupled with other events dependent on golden crowns to maintain the bonus, King has found a clever solution to tell that players should take a break.

Note that boosters obtained through events are clientside on mobile apps and serverside on web, and the player might only receive the event on mobile and not on the web. Reinstalling the mobile version will result in the loss of your boosters.


  • For HTML5 events, if the required levels are accessed from special screen, you may switch to Dreamworld and then open said screen from message box, and use Dreamworld lives to play (if it is available).
    • As of HTML5 version v1.68 the events are no longer accessible if you switch to Dreamworld, unless the event button has appeared.
    • As of v1.73, there is only one set of lives for both worlds. With the removal of Dreamworld, this is no longer true.
  • If there is an operating event, the message box will have a red exclamation mark.
    • As of mobile v1.68 or later, the message box will have a trophy icon during events.
  • Formerly, level 252 was the ideal level for Collect Some Candy, as long as it does not require red or yellow candies. Level 435 is also good. If red candies are required, level 339 is an ideal one. For yellow candies, use level 4 or level 186.
  • Previous candy collecting events might reward gold bars.
  • Many events, like episodes, feature a character. They tend to be recurring characters, but characters which appeared in only one episode also appear in events.
  • A few characters debuted in events shortly before their debut episode.
  • Since mobile (HTML5) version 1.67, the star meter was removed from events. It is possible that stars are no longer relevant in events.
    • Also since v1.67, some mobile (HTML5) events have a separate button to access from pathway map. Previously, only a Collect Some Candy (green candies) event had this feature.
  • April Fools 2020 initially consisted of events providing a record-long unlimited lives pass in light of COVID-19, and announced other changes to the game. Ironically, the "prank" for this event was the rotating maps, which was officially implemented to the game, eliminating almost all episode characters from the map, and receiving significant negative reception from players.
    • After April Fools 2020, several events and event themes explicitly mentions the systematic episode names and characters, such as Chocolate Climb referencing Chocolate Mountain.
    • Characters eliminated after April Fools 2020 still may make occasional appearances. However, event characters after April Fools 2020 still tend to be either Mr. Toffee or the ten episode characters from the systematic episodes, or sometimes event-exclusive characters from Candy Crush All-Stars.
      • Halloween 2021 features the popsicles from Boneyard Bonanza.
      • Christmas 2021 features Nutcracker and Dachs, which are still fully present on sequel games like Friends Saga.