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An event may occur when the player joins the game on specific period. Some events only occur on mobile version. Please note that the HTML5 version for Facebook is considered the mobile version.

List of events

Web and mobile

Mobile only




Solve the Mystery

December 2015

Collect Some Candy type
Limited Time Help
Tasty Treasure type
Cake Climb type

Winter 2016

Cake Quest


  • For mobile events, if the required levels are accessed from special screen, you may switch to Dreamworld and then open said screen from message box, and use Dreamworld lives to play (if it is available).
    • As of mobile version v1.68 the events are no longer accessible if you switch to Dreamworld, unless the event button has appeared.
    • As of v1.73, there is only one set of lives for both worlds.
  • If there is an operating event, the message box will have a red exclamation mark.
    • As of mobile v1.68 or later, the message box will have a trophy icon during events.
  • Formerly, Level 252 is the ideal level for Collect Some Candy, as long as it does not require red or yellow candies. If red candies are required, level 339 is an ideal one. For yellow candies, use level 408.
  • Previous candy collecting events might reward gold bars.
  • The pirate Cap'n Sweet Tooth in Pirate Weekend is supposed to appear in Butter Rum Reef, but this event marks his first appearance.
  • Berry holds the Cake Climb event, while Bubblegum Troll holds the Up for a challenge counterpoint.
  • Caramella holds the SpOoktastic Party and Party Time events.
  • Doxen Cooper holds the Solve the Mystery events.
  • SpOoktastic Party is the only challenge that does not include free switch booster.
  • All events from celebrating Thanksgiving Day have split name on some mobile devices.
  • Since mobile version 1.67, the star meter was removed from events. It is possible that stars are no longer relevant in events.
    • Also since v1.67, some mobile events have a separate button to access from pathway map. Previously, only a green candy collecting event had this feature.


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