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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

For the booster, see Extra Moves.
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The extra moves candy was an element in Candy Crush Saga. They were a counterpart of the extra time candy which appeared in moves levels at first and other level types later on. Before their removal, they first appeared in Crumbly Cave, in level 3779.


  • The extra moves candy was a normal coloured candy that has "+3" written on it. Collecting this candy give the player 3 extra moves.
  • Unlike extra time candies, there was no limit to the number of moves the player had. Whereas extra time candies could not increase the remaining time beyond the starting time limit.
  • Like extra time candies, extra moves candies turn into wrapped candies and exploded during Sugar Crush. They could also be dispensed from candy cannons.

Notable levels[]

  • Level 3779 - First level with extra moves candies, first appearance in moves level and first level with extra moves candies in sugar chests.
  • Level 4206 - First level where extra moves candies can spawn from candy cannons, first ingredients level with extra moves candies and first level with extra moves candies in marmalade.
  • Level 5944 - First candy order level with extra moves candies.
  • Level 6339 - First jelly drop down mixed level with extra moves candies.
  • Level 6516 - First level with extra moves candies in crystal candies and sugar coats.
  • Level 6561 - First level with extra moves candies on conveyor belts.
  • Level 6670 - Extra moves candies appear in all five types of sugar chests.
  • Level 6719 - First level with extra moves candies of a non-spawning colour.
  • Level 6900 - First order drop down mixed level with extra moves candies. Also, the first level since level 4206 where extra moves candies can spawn from cannons.
  • Level 6910 - Last level with extra moves candies before their removal from the game.


  • It appears that this element has been designed to replace the extra time candies, which was removed from the game at the same time as timed levels, on 2 May 2018.
  • With their appearance in level 4206, it seems that they could appear outside of moves levels.
  • While extra moves candies could spawn from candy cannons in two levels, they could only spawn from cannons which can also spawn other elements before their removal.
  • Extra moves candies and the extra moves candy cannons had the tilemap code 084 and 085 respectively.
  • All extra moves candies were removed on May 7, 2020.
    • Some moves levels have changed to other level types.
  • Started from 1.184 extra moves candy and its cannon had fully removed from game.
  • They never appeared in licorice locks, six-coloured levels, rainbow rapids levels, order locks, skull pedestals, rainbow rapids mixed levels, or levels with alternate colour schemes. They were never required for orders either.
  • Only two levels featured extra moves candies with a non-spawning colour (yellow in both levels).
  • Although it was discontinued in this game, extra moves candies are still a very common feature in Candy Crush Friends Saga, starting from Level 1221 in said game.
  • Extra moves candies last appeared in the first version of Level 6910, released only two weeks before they were removed, making it the element that appeared closest to the date of its removal. Most elements that end up getting removed were absent for months, if not, years before being removed.


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