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Not to be confused with Extra Time Candy.
Booster extra time

Extra Time (also known as Booster Time 15) was a booster in Candy Crush Saga. It was the time-limit analogue to Extra Moves, and it was used in timed levels.

There were two variations:

  • The stockable variation was first introduced in level 27 and added 15 seconds to the timer at the start of the level. Once the extra time has elapsed, extra time candies cannot bring the extra time back, reverting to the normal time limit for the rest of the level. This variation is removed upon the release of Watermelon Waves.
  • It also appeared when you fail to reach the target score when time runs out, and refilled your time by 15 seconds. You had to spend gold to use it, and you cannot stock this booster to get this effect. +30s and +60s versions appear if you fail many times consecutively without quitting.


Game descriptionEdit

Extra Time booster description

Mouse-over text on Extra Time booster

  • Bonus time during time levels!

Web descriptionEdit

Description 1: Add 15 seconds to your gameplay for those all-important timed levels

Description 2: This adds 15 seconds to your gameplay for those all-important timed levels.


As of 2 May 2018, this strategy no longer works, as timed levels were removed.
  • Many players either, never bought this booster, or used it wastefully because:
    • Most timed levels were so easy, some were easy enough to reach three stars without boosters. This was no longer the case for some high timed levels.
    • Most timed levels that were hard usually had candy bombs. The player will still lose the level if the bombs' timers reach zero moves, regardless of whether the player used this booster or not (unless other boosters are used as well). Eventually, later timed levels were sometimes difficult, and were extremely hard to earn three stars.
    • Also, using the booster, especially when the player was about to fail, usually gave enough time to get only a one-star score.
    • Most levels had time limits much higher than 15 seconds. 15 seconds was a very short time limit in a time level.
  • Either way the booster wasn't useful to the player, and especially not worth the money.


  • This booster was available from the game's release until 2 May 2018, or 2,231 days.
  • This booster, along with the striped candy, was considered by players to be the most worthless boosters in the game, due to several reasons.
  • This was one of the boosters that you cannot get from the daily booster wheel.
  • This booster was not available in Dreamworld since there were no timed levels.
  • The non-stockable level-failure version had a +15 on it. It was only obtained if you didn't have sufficient points to even earn one star. 
  • This booster was removed from the game on some devices upon the release of Watermelon Waves. Eventually, it was removed alongside timed levels.


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