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Fantastic Five is one of the elements in Candy Crush Saga. It was released on 19th June 2019.

The player is paired with four other players for a specific amount of time. The team needs to log in daily, clear levels, finish episodes, win levels at the first try, win Sugar Stars, and use in-game boosters to gain points and early rewards.

After reaching the last reward, players can start another mission of collecting points to win another set of rewards.

If a new mission starts when the remaining time is less than 7 days, the required points will be reduced by half.


Mouseover: Earn points together for sweet rewards.


More missions have introduced in 1.175.

Before 1.175:

  • Logging in daily: 25 points
  • Completing a new level: 25 points
  • Clearing a new hexagon level: 65 points
  • Finishing an episode: 100 points


  • Logging in daily: 30 points
  • Completing a new level: 40 points
  • Clearing a new hexagon level: 75 points
  • Finishing an episode: 150 points


  • Using a booster: 20 points


Before 1.155 or 1.157:

Before 1.175:




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