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Five-layered Icing is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga, formally appearing in level 276, although it can come out of a mystery candy from level 231 and magic mixer on level 1451 onward. It is currently the most layered icing blocker, and takes 5 hits to destroy. This blocker can be incredibly difficult to clear due to the number of hits needed.


Five-layered Icing

This has been doomed to dominate us for the rest of our lives!

This blocker looks like four coloured icings stacked on top of another, packed in a silvery plastic sachet. It also looks like whipped cream topped with chocolate that is also topped with whipped cream and chocolate, making it irritating to look.

First appearance Latest appearance
Level 276 Level 6320
Level 166/Dreamworld Level 661/Dreamworld


Five-layered Icing Degrader

Degradation process

Five-layered icings are single-tile stationary blockers that requires five hits to clear. The only ways to destroy them are to make a match adjacent to the blocker, special candy effects (including jelly fish), and cake bomb five times. These blockers have four degrades and can hide jelly underneath it.

Difficulty of clearing:

Degrade/Name Lead Topping Colour Difficulty
Five-layered Icing Mahogany Very hard
Four-layered Icing White Hard
Three-layered Icing Mahogany Medium
Two-layered Icing White Easy
Sachet Silver/None Very Easy

For the list of levels that has this blocker, see here.


  • Due to the number of moves it takes to destroy it, this blocker is one of the most hated blockers in the game.
  • It is mistaken for a "cupcake" by some players.
  • It used to be the symbol for icing layers (required as part of new candy order levels) even in levels with no five layered icing, probably because it is the most layered icing to date. However, five-layered icing counts as five points in the frosting orders. It is uncertain if six-layered icing will ever be released.
    • Since the switch to HTML5 version, the symbol is now of four-layered icing instead.
  • This is chronologically the last blocker that can be spawned by the magic mixer. It is first seen in level 1448 (it is also unique as it is a special spawner capable of spawning any of the ten possible blockers). Level 1451 is the first level with a normal magic mixer which can spawn five layered icing.
  • This is the first type of icing to be found in licorice locks (officially appearing in level 2575).


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