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The Five-layered Sugar Chest is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga, making its first official appearance in level 713. However, it is unofficially introduced both in starting configuration and appearance in level 501. This blocker can be very difficult to destroy due to the number of sugar keys needed.


Five-layered Sugar Chest
Five-layered Chest Degrader

Degradation process

See Sugar Chest for more information.

Five-layered sugar chests are single-tile stationary blockers that take five matches involving sugar keys to open and therefore destroy. Each matched sugar key results in a degrade. After the first degrade, it becomes a four-layered sugar chest with only a thick red jam layer covering a pink icing layer, then after the second, becomes a three-layered sugar chest with only the pink icing layer, then after the third, becomes a two-layered sugar chest with a crumbly biscuit topping, then after the fourth and final, becomes a plain sugar chest with no toppings. These blockers cannot be destroyed by anything other than matches involving the sugar key.

Here is the difficulty of destroying a five-layered sugar chest:

Degrade/Name Lead Topping Difficulty
Five-layered Sugar Chest White Icing Very hard
Four-layered Sugar Chest Thick Red Jam Hard
Three-layered Sugar Chest Pink Icing Medium
Two-layered Sugar Chest Crumbly Biscuit Easy
One-layered Sugar Chest None Very easy

For the list of levels that appeared this blocker, see here.


  • It is unknown if there will be more layers added to the sugar chest, but it is highly unlikely as there isn't six-layered icing yet.
  • Analogous to how the two-layered Icing used to appear earlier in starting boards than sachets, this chest used to appear in the initial layout earlier than the single layer sugar chest. Nowadays, this is no longer true.
  • This is one of the first of sugar chests to appear in the initial layout, along with two and four-layered chests, in Ice Cream Caves (Episode 35).
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