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The Five-layered Sugar Chest is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga, making its first appearance in level 711.


Five-layered Sugar Chest
Five-layered Chest Degrader

Degradation process

See Sugar Chest for more information.

Five-layered sugar chests are single-tile stationary blockers that take five matches involving sugar keys to open and therefore destroy. Each matched sugar key results in a degrade. After the first degrade, it becomes a four-layered sugar chest with only a thick red jam layer covering a pink icing layer, then after the second, becomes a three-layered sugar chest with only the pink icing layer, then after the third, becomes a two-layered sugar chest with a crumbly biscuit topping, then after the fourth and final, becomes a plain sugar chest with no toppings. These blockers cannot be destroyed by anything other than matches involving the sugar key.

Here is the difficulty of destroying a five-layered sugar chest:

Degrade/Name Lead Topping Difficulty
Five-layered Sugar Chest White Icing Very hard
Four-layered Sugar Chest Thick Red Jam Hard
Three-layered Sugar Chest Pink Icing Medium
Two-layered Sugar Chest Crumbly Biscuit Easy
One-layered Sugar Chest None Very easy

For the list of levels that appeared this blocker, see here.


  • It is unknown if there will be more layers added to the sugar chest, but it is highly unlikely as there isn't six-layered icing yet. It is possible that the six-layered sugar chest will contain colourful sprinkles.
  • Analogous to how the Two-layered Icing appears earlier in starting boards than Sachets, this chest appears in the initial layout earlier than the single layer sugar chest.
    • Unlike the icing, you meet all five levels of the sugar chest in the first level where it is officially introduced.
    • The Five-layered Sugar Chest ironically appeared first before all the others.
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