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This article is about the character in Glazed Grove. If you are looking for the frog candy that first appeared in Cereal Sea, see Candy Frog.
Character EP44.png
Gender Male
First appearance Glazed-Grove.png
Problem Glazed Grove: He is very hungry.
Solution Glazed Grove: Tiffi feeds him with red candies.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Freddie is a minor character of Candy Crush Saga. He is a frog and encountered in the 44th episode, Glazed Grove. Before introducing level 636, he is very hungry. After completing level 650, Tiffi gave and fed him red jelly beans to make the frog strong and chubby.

In the 185th episode, Peppermint Pond, Tiffi and Freddie are in the forest with pink trees with stars at the top and colorful cookies.

In the 44th Dreamworld episode, Nocturnal Nuisance, he opens the door of the house when Tiffi throws a red candy to hit the door and looks himself for a while. Finally, he went into the house and closed the door.


  • He is the first character that it's also an in-game element.
  • His story is the first one without text in the story. This makes him the first character not to speak at all.
  • He is the final character in chronological order who appears in Dreamworld.
    • There is one further Dreamworld episode. However, this episode is special, as it acknowledges the final ending of Dreamworld, and its storyline is not based on Fizzy Falls. Thus, Little Star will never make any mention let alone an appearance in Dozy Dawn.