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Booster free switch

Free Switch can swap two candies that don't match!

—Splash text

Booster free switch

Free Switch is one of the boosters in Candy Crush Saga. It is introduced in level 43. It can switch any two candies that do not match, as long as they are adjacent to each other. In the web version, it used to cost a move upon usage, but it no longer does, as of the Sour Salon release.

This booster has been available on iOS and Android since the Ice Cream Caves update.


Free Switch booster description

Mouse-over text on Free Switch booster

Old description: Switch two candies that don't match! Really!
Current description: Switch two candies that don't match! Use now!
Description on mobile devices: Switch any two candies without losing moves!
Description on mobile devices (during promotion): Don't miss that epic Candy Crush! Switch two candies that don't match and make impossible moves come true!
Web description: Switch two candies that don’t match
Web description 2: This allows you to switch two different candies without creating a match of three or more. A very strategic booster.

Detailed effects[]

  • The booster will be consumed upon switching any two moveable objects, even if this will cause a valid match, or if both objects are identical (and waste the booster).
  • Switching two candies that would mix with a normal move (like two special candies, or a colour bomb with any candy) will not activate them, but will simply swap them.
  • It is impossible to use free switch to switch candies from one side of the candy cane fence or candy cane curl to the other. If an ingredient accidentally lands on a patch surrounded by candy cane fences, the level will be impossible to pass even with boosters.
  • A free switch can be used to switch an ingredient with another element. This can be useful in levels where ingredients spawn in columns without exits, and must be moved horizontally. If the ingredient is placed at the exit after using a free switch, it will be collected as well. This is also useful when you do not have a valid match to swap the ingredient into the exit.
  • Since using a free switch no longer uses up a move after the Sour Salon update on Facebook, you can use this as an extra "+1 move", when in a pinch, although you cannot set off special candy combinations in this way.
  • When using a free switch, make sure you use it carefully. If you use a free switch just to move the object away from the targeted spot, an additional two free switches will be wasted in accordance to your falsely performed free switch.
  • On any web version, it is currently impossible to cancel the Free Switch if you click on it. You will use one Free Switch all the same, even if you quit before using or failing.
    • It can always be cancelled on any mobile device, though.


  • The hand is in a flat jelly formation with four fingers.
  • There was a limited offer on mobile when Bonbon Baths and Sparkle Submarino were released on mobile.
  • This booster is winnable from the daily booster wheel or (formerly) through the sugar drop feature.
  • In the Delectable Depths episode, Tiffi uses it to untangle Jem's tentacles.
  • In the past, when you used a free switch, bombs would still count down and chocolate would still expand, since the free switch still counted as a move, like shuffling did. These things no longer occur, because the free switch no longer counts as a move.
    • Rarely, this may happen on newer mobile version as a glitch, such that performing the hinted move at remaining 1 move with this booster may use that move.
  • This booster can be used in all types of levels.
  • Before its release, its spot on the daily booster wheel was another colour bomb booster.
  • In Ingredients levels, (since May 2017) if there fewer ingredients left and could finish with a 3-move interval This booster will be highlighted.
  • This is one of the boosters that aren't tied to any particular special candy (as in, the booster doesn't spawn special candies, cause special candies to appear on the starting board, or add special candies to the candy mix).