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Garden Party was a type of event exclusive to the HTML5 version.


It was an event that celebrates the release of level 5000.

Tiffi is planning a garden party to celebrate level 5000. In this event, you can play one of the five milestone levels (levels 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000) each day. You can play these levels regardless of the current level you are on.

In this event, you must play the levels in ascending order. That means the first one was level 1000. After you play the first level (Level 1000), you need to wait about 12-24 hours to unlock the next level. You are rewarded with a booster after finishing the level.



  • In this event, the boards of the levels are same as in reality.
  • This was the first event to celebrate the milestones (x000).


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