Character EP67
Gender Male
First appearance Pastille-Pyramid
Problem Candy Clouds (Episode 67): He wants to go to the sky.
Solution Candy Clouds (Episode 67): Tiffi uses her propeller to fly to the sky with him.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Breezy Beanstalk

Gerbil is a minor character, who is first encountered in Pastille Pyramid, where he had a villainous role because he took Tommy's key for opening his pyramid. Tiffi solves it giving to him a candy. After getting the candy he leaves the key.

He reappears in Dizzy Dessert, where he was juggled by Tommy.

He also appears in the 67th episode, Candy Clouds. Before introducing level 981, he wants to go to sky, so Tiffi uses her propeller to fly to the sky with him.

He appears again in the 68th episode, Caramel Keep. Before introducing level 996, he lands on the sky with Tiffi, and he gives a key to her.


Pyramid Solitaire Saga IPad 2 jungle layout

Kingsley on Helena's shoulder

  • He resembles Kingsley from Pyramid Solitaire Saga.
  • He is another villain of the series, besides Bubblegum Troll. However, he is not a villain in Candy Clouds (Episode 67) and Caramel Keep.
  • He is the second character that did not appear in Sweet Surprise. The first is Mr. Yeti.


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