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Please report it here if you found any glitches that related to Shuffle.

Shuffle Results To "No More Possible Switches" Even With Three Adjacent Candies[]

In Level 1381, a glitch can cause you to lose the game because there are "no more possible switches" even with three adjacent candies that should have been cleared.

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No Shuffling When There Is No More Moves[]

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 11.58



Coconut wheel bug: you can't match them with ingredients, you are forced to click the red button in lower-left corner (Credits to Supermario3459)


Another time this glitch happened.

This can happen when the coconut wheel or colour bomb is stuck between unmovable blockers (like icing) or ingredients, and there are no possible moves left. The game thinks that the coconut wheel or colour bombs are counted as possible moves, so the board will not shuffle, forcing the players to press the red button and lose a life. However, players can also make some ineffective switches and the game may shuffle the board for them. (Credit to Supermario3459+ Tonverg11)

Shuffling when there is Possible Moves Glitch[]

Sorry for no evidence, but credit to TrackMaster'sbiggestcollector.

  • This can happen when there is a Colour Bomb or Coconut Wheel on the screen and the board shuffles.
  • It has happened again on mobile, if the only moves involve a Candy Frog.
    • This can be spotted on level 1264 with a Candy Frog and limited space. If there is only one move available, but this move has to use the frog, shuffle will occur.
  • This can also happen in levels with all candies encased in sugar coats and there is a possible move in those candies.

No Shuffling when No Possible matches & Hint giving an impossible match Glitch[]

Epic glitch

1. No shuffling when there are no possible moves. 2. Hint giving an impossible move (the locked green candy)

Rarely a hint suggests a move that cannot be done. The impossible hint usually revolves around the Liquorice Locks and/or marmalade.

Example 1: In the picture on the top right, you can see 2 glitches at once: Firstly, there are no possible matches, no colour bombs and no coconut wheels, yet the board does not shuffle. Secondly, the hint given was to move the green candy. However, it is locked; therefore, this match is impossible.

492 Glow Glitch 2

2. This happened in Level 492.

Example 2: This example is level 492. The photo on the right shows a hint for matching the red candies including jelly fish, however it cannot be done. If it occurs, try to randomly swap candies on the board a few times, and eventually the game would recognize no possible switches and may shuffle the board for you. This is prone to happen on levels 336 and 452 on Facebook.

Example 3 - Level 243, chocolate ball is between frozen striped candy and jelly. No possible moves exits but shuffle does not happen.