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Gold (also known as Gold Bars) is the premium currency in Candy Crush Saga. There is no proper lower-order currency in Candy Crush Saga, but Sugar Drops can be considered similar to it.

It was introduced on September 19, 2013 with the release of the 33rd episode, Cherry Chateau. Gold was tested during spring and summer of 2013, before being added massively to many accounts, although not all accounts had gold bars.

On September 24, 2013, the game gave away 50 gold bars for free. In some events, you can earn gold bars from challenges. Meager amount of Gold bars are most commonly won as prizes, via the Sugar Drop Feature.

Gold can be used to buy boosters, lives, moves, and tickets to unlock episodes. Of these purchases, only purchasing extra lives should be avoided in any situation.

When you cursor on the icon, an inscription will show up: "Buy Gold Bars for your saga journey!".

Gold bars description

List of items that use gold barsEdit

Item Icon Description Price
Extra Lives (!)
Extra Lives
Buy a full set of lives
Warning: Not recommended under any circumstances!
Goldbar 12
(any case)
Goldbar 69
(6h Infinite Lives)
Unlock the next episode directly without asking friends or waiting for help.
Note: Not recommended unless you only play on web!
Goldbar 9 (3 friends)

Goldbar 3 (per friend)

Please note that some boosters are Web-exclusive. In mobile, only the smallest booster package is available. These prices are used if you have ran out the corresponding boosters.

Item Icon Description Price Unit Price Gold Only
Extra Moves
Booster extra moves 5
Add 5 extra moves! Goldbar 10 10 (Booster)
2 (Move)
Lollipop Hammer
Booster lollipop hammer
Smash a candy! ×3: Goldbar 19
×9: Goldbar 49
×18: Goldbar 88
Free Switch
Booster free switch
Switch two candies that don't match! ×3: Goldbar 29
×9: Goldbar 79
×18: Goldbar 128
Color Bomb
Booster color bomb
Start the game with Color Bomb! ×3: Goldbar 9
×11: Goldbar 29
×18: Goldbar 38
Striped and Wrapped
Booster striped and wrapped
Start the game with Striped & Wrapped Candy! × 3: Goldbar 19
× 9: Goldbar 49
×18: Goldbar 88
Jelly Fish
Booster jelly fish
Adds Jelly Fish to the candy mix, which removes three pieces of jelly! ×3: Goldbar 19
×9: Goldbar 49
×18: Goldbar 88
Coconut Wheel
Booster coconut wheel
Add Coconut Wheels to the candy mix! ×3: Goldbar 39
×9: Goldbar 99
×18: Goldbar 149
Extra Time
Booster extra time
Start the game with 15 extra seconds! ×3: Goldbar 29
×9: Goldbar 79
×18: Goldbar 128
Lucky Candy
Booster lucky candy
Transform into useful candy when removed! ×3: Goldbar 19
×9: Goldbar 49
×18: Goldbar 88
Bomb Cooler
Booster bomb cooler
Add 5 to the countdown of all bombs! ×3: Goldbar 19
×9: Goldbar 49
×18: Goldbar 88
Sweet Teeth
Booster sweet teeth
The Sweet Teeth eat their way through any candy, blockers or bombs that lie in their path. ×3: Goldbar 79
×6: Goldbar 148
×9: Goldbar 199
Bubblegum Troll
Booster bubblegum troll
Stops spawning chocolate for 5 moves! ×3: Goldbar 39
×9: Goldbar 99
×18: Goldbar 149
Striped Brush
Booster Striped Brush
Paints pretty stripes on a candy of your choosing. Click to buy! Goldbar 15 15 Yes
UFO (booster)
Booster UFO
Summon a tasty UFO that zaps the board creating 3 wrapped candies that explode! Goldbar 20 20 Yes
Party Popper Booster
Party Popper Booster
Clears the board when activated, much like a cake bomb explosion and adds special candies. Goldbar 30 30 Yes
Live Forever
Live Forever Icon
You have unlimited lives. Play all you want before the time expires.
Do not buy it directly!
Obtained with other boosters
Moon Struck (Removed)
Unknown (2)
Release the Moon Struck to remove at least 1 candy colour for 5 moves. ×3: Goldbar 69
×6: Goldbar 114
×9: Goldbar 149
Restore Balance (Removed)
Restore Balance 130x130 size (2)
Restore Odus the owl's balance to stop him from falling. Goldbar 9 9 Yes
Shuffle (removed)
Shuffle things up! Goldbar 3 3 Yes

List is currently incomplete, and only Yeti Shop bundles are shown below, which are Web-exclusive. More will be shown in the gallery below regarding consolation packages.

Item Icon Description Price Unit Price
Bombalicious Fishes
Bombalicious fishes
6 Colour Bombs and Jelly Fishes Goldbar 53 (-5%) 4.42
Lollipop Hammers
Lollipop hammers
6 Free Switches and Lollipop Hammers Goldbar 85 (-11%) 7.08


Meager amounts of Gold Bars can be obtained through Sugar Drop rewards and ongoing Events, such as Episode Race and Dynamic Duo.

Owing to the considerable rarity of Gold Bars outside of real-money purchases, they should be used sparingly as almost all levels and (with very rare exceptions) every episode can be completed without the use of purchased tickets and boosters. The few impossible levels are normally redesigned so they do not stay impossible. Therefore, they have little use to most players besides bragging. One can consider gold itself as a booster.

Additionally, tickets can be obtained by either playing Mystery Quests or simply waiting, whereas random boosters can be obtained through the Booster Wheel, Sugar Drops, or Events.

The most reasonable way to use Gold Bars is to buy stockable boosters not attainable through more common means, and to serve as a consolation to an "Oh No!".

Note: Never, ever, EVER buy Extra Lives under any circumstances. This is considered completely wasteful, as Lives themselves have zero tactical value or worth, and they can easily be obtained through other methods.

These items can only be obtained by using Gold besides rare offers and getting them initially.

  • Extra Moves (5)
  • Bomb Cooler (5)
  • Sweet Teeth (Web only)
  • Bubblegum Troll (Web only)
  • Extra Time (both platforms, all varieties)
  • Moon Struck
  • Consolation boosters
    • Restore Balance
    • Extra Time
    • Striped Candy
    • All higher levels of Extra Moves, Extra Time, and Bomb Cooler boosters


  • The player receives 50 gold bars at the end of Candy Town. Before 2014 a player received 10.
  • There was previously no other possible way to obtain gold bars other than the first 50, Facebook, in-app purchase, or through hacking. However, now there are some ways to earn gold bars for free without hacking. The first way is completing challenge (collect red or green candies, see the gallery below), and the second is playing sugar drop mode. The third way is to synchronise the progress when downloading/starting the game first time on another platform (PC or mobile), which gives another 50.
    • This was one of the trickiest items to receive in the game, along with the jackpot from the Daily Booster Wheel. Fortunately, it is a moderately common prize in Sugar Drop and mobile events, though very meager amounts can be earned.
  • Occasionally, if a player buys something with gold, he/she may get infinite lives for two hours.
  • The Secondary Wheel has been removed so players can no longer earn Gold Bars from that.


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