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A gold crown is an achievement if you completed a level in your first try. They were introduced in version For each gold crown level, the level button is gold and marked as a crown. This feature is only shown in HTML5.

It has to be completed strictly at your first attempt. Before playing a level, a pop-up note depicting a gold crown will appear, and that you will get a special reward when you complete it on your first try.

Furthermore, if you obtain sugar stars at the same time, the game will say "Sweet Combo! Mastery on the first try!"


(Missing: Will reinstalling the app reset the failure count to zero, so you can retry for a gold crown?)

  • Gold crowns will not be rewarded retroactively. If you complete a level in one try much earlier (say, a year ago before its release), you will not get a gold crown.
    • The only exception was when you complete a level on your first time just before they were introduced.
  • You can only get a gold crown if you strictly complete a level on your first try on HTML5.
    • The game tracks all your attempts, including those you failed, but not those you simply quitted (before the costless reset removal).
    • This achievement cannot be done on Flash. Failures and quits on that platform do not count.
  • The gold crown is a missable achievement. If you fail or even simply exit the app on mobile, you can no longer retry for a gold crown.
    • For a short time, players who updated to v1.126 can trade one of their color bomb boosters to reset a level to play for the golden crown again. However, this opportunity was removed.



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