Hint moves, or suggested moves, or possibly known as flashing candies occur when a player hesitates to make a move. This basically means a possible move suggested for a player as a hint. Of course, a player does not actually have to make those moves. Usually those are not the best moves so it is recommended you think of those hints as a way of making this board look fancy instead and come up with your own strategy. However, it can be useful for timed levels if you're having a lot of trouble finding a switch. Every few seconds, the same hint will flash until a move is made.

Colour bombs or Coconut wheels occasionally flash if there are no other possible candy matches. King may want players to save up these candies as they should only be used during utility situations.

Two striped candies adjacent to each other usually are the first matches to flash. Same goes for two adjacent wrapped candies. A wrapped candy + striped candy are also very common hint moves. (What is the priority order). 

The crystal candies will be flashed when the hint is working.


500px-Level 152 glitched candy

Glitched Candy (thanks to Wildoneshelper)

A candy glitch happens when your computer lags. Some typical candies glow, instead of the candies which can be matched. (From the picture you can see the purple one glowing instead of the pre-matched candy (the blue one))

On levels that have liquorice locks, a suggestion could in fact be made even if it is not moveable. Do not panic though if there are no moves but this is suggested because if you fake a switch, it will automatically shuffle.


Features settings-2 open
  • When candies flash at a candy match involving 4 or more candies (mostly resulting in a special candy), only 3 of the candies will flash.
  • On web version, the flashing cannot be halted by making your own move. On mobile version, however, as soon as you move something, the flashing stops.
  • Started from version 1.151 or 1.152, you can turn on or turn off the hints in settings page.


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