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This is a character in Candy Crush Saga, for character in Candy Crush Soda Saga, see here.
Character EP70
Gender Male
First appearance Luscious-Lagoon
Problem Luscious Lagoon: He has nothing to drink.
Solution Luscious Lagoon: Tiffi gives a beverage to him.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Hippo is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He first appears in the 70th episode, Luscious Lagoon. Before introducing level 1026, he holds a beverage given by Tiffi and swims with her on the water.

In the 130th episode, Hippy Hills, he slides on a lemonade slide that Tiffi clears out for him.

In the 168th episode, Savory Springs, he is riding on a huge geyser of soda.

In the 244th episode, Sugary Slide, he and Tiffi slide down the waterslide on donut-shaped floats.

This is the first character to be introduced after the end of Dreamworld. It is also the first static character.


  • This is the first character to have a problem only shown in the pathway icon, instead of the episode story.
  • This is the first new character introduced after a gap of two worlds (or, 6 episodes) since Delectable Depths of World 11 (Flash).
    • The last 2 episodes are all 3-part drama shows based on an adventure involving the previously released episodes, such as Minty Meadow and Soda Swamp.
  • This is chronologically the first character introduced after the end of Dreamworld.
  • All subsequent characters introduced (and all characters in subsequent episodes) will be static.
  • The episode name of Episode 130, Hippy Hills, is a pun on his name.