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The two former ingredients


The current ingredient

Ingredients are primary elements in Candy Crush Saga that needed to be brought down to complete ingredients levels.

Not all boards have all the ingredients present on the starting board. More ingredients may enter the board when previous ingredients are collected and in regular intervals, depending on the element spawn interval described. In earlier days, ingredients used to enter on any entry point, but nowadays they almost always enter from a Candy Cannon that dispenses ingredients or are present in fixed positions on the starting board. Some ingredients levels may not spawn their first ingredient until after a certain number of moves have been made.

In March 2023, all ingredients were changed to Gummi Dragons.

Note: Since March 2023, King has announced that all ingredients will be reskinned to dragons. As of the desktop release of episode 942 to 944 (update 1.251), it is extremely likely that King has released gummi dragons for every player. Sprite sheets for the former ingredients still exist.


Ingredients take up one tile, and no candy can take its place until the ingredient moves to another tile. Ingredients are collected immediately after reaching the drop zone, which is indicated by a green circle with a down-arrow just below the said space, and if collected, grants 10000 score to the player. You must make a valid move to collect an ingredient.

Most ingredients levels do not have all the ingredients on the starting board. Ingredients replace candies when entering the starting board. If one level has candy cannons and starting ingredients, the ingredients will mostly be placed under a random candy cannon if possible, Otherwise, the ingredients may start at top of any column.

Ingredients are movable and can be switched like regular candies; the switch is still complete as long as a match is made on the candies. Ingredients cannot be matched, switched with a colour bomb, or eliminated by any way other than landing on a drop zone (outside of rare glitches). You can't swap it with a non-matching candy at the exit without a Free Switch. Ingredients are not moved by shuffles. Thus, ingredients carry some blocker-like traits later demonstrated by the mold, however they do not block the rainbow's path.

Like all candies, ingredients can fall through a teleporter, but cannot make it past blockers on the board.


Historically, there were two different ingredients: cherries and hazelnuts. It has been this way since the game's inception.

Cherries and hazelnuts counted as separate objectives. However, they are functionally equivalent in almost every strategy.

Gummi Dragons[]

Main article: Gummi Dragon

Signs of ingredient unification started no later than the start of 2021, when newly released levels containing hazelnuts became far less common than levels containing cherries, until all ingredients in these new levels are cherries. It is one of the elements to face an extended period of "endangerment" before finally being removed or replaced from the game. In this case, the period lasted for over two years before all hazelnuts are removed, and removed for good when the remaining ingredients (cherries) are unified to gummi dragons.

In later levels, cherries are much more common than hazelnuts, to the point where the ingredient cannon now has a cherry symbol instead of a hazelnut symbol, and there has never been an order-ingredients level or a rapids-ingredients level that requires hazelnuts.

  • Hazelnuts last appear in Level 8509 (and even then, cherries are also required), while cherries appear in every ingredients level since.
  • The last level that only requires hazelnuts is Level 7218 (the point in the game when mystery candies still made occasional appearances before they were phased out).
  • Said level was released in December 2020 on Windows 10, meaning that hazelnuts did not appear at all in 2021 (they only appeared once if you count said level as being released in 2021, which it was on Facebook and mobile). In either case, hazelnuts have been absent for more than two years, even longer than mystery candies and chameleon candies were absent before their removal.

The theory about hazelnuts being removed gained traction from late September 2022, when many levels had all hazelnuts replaced by cherries.

  • As of the Pumpkin Party event, all levels have had all hazelnuts replaced by cherries.
  • There has never been an order lock involving only cherries or hazelnuts.
  • It is not known if only cherries count towards event progress on events requiring ingredient collection.
  • Objectives were still coded separately for cherries and hazelnuts.
  • It is possible cherries and hazelnuts will be made fully equivalent; ingredients are now randomly cherries or hazelnuts, and the order icon might change to a cherry and hazelnut.
  • However, despite hazelnuts being removed from all but one level by the end of October 2022, the level in question still had hazelnuts for months. As of February 2023, the introduction screen for Level 3811 shows that only cherries are required, meaning that hazelnuts have been extirpated from the game.
    • Despite this, the Level Failed screen for an ingredients level that displays the message "You didn't get all collectibles" shows both a cherry and a hazelnut. Then again, other elements that have long since been removed are also mentioned in flavour text (i.e. Chameleon Candies being mentioned on the loading screen on the web browser version in 2022 and beyond, despite being removed in April 2021).
    • Cherries and hazelnuts still haven't been unified in February 2023, likely the penultimate month of the hazelnut's existence in the game. It is possible that either Ingredients levels would be named "Cherry levels", fully eliminating hazelnuts, or that every ingredient has a random chance of being a hazelnut or a cherry.

In March 2023, it was announced on that, for some players, cherries will be replaced with dragons. According to King, they are Denize's children, and they have to be brought back to safety. They are collected in the same way that cherries are. A small amount of players have already received dragons.

  • Because of this and the removal of hazelnuts, it is very likely ingredients levels will be overhauled and possibly renamed.
  • Denize's children are referred as Gummi Dragons in-game. Drop zones are now referred as egg collectors.


For trivia specifically for Gummi Dragons, see the Gummi Dragons#Trivia page


Ingredients in the CCS television ad

  • There are only two types of ingredients introduced since its inception. King has not made a third type of ingredient for almost ten years, and it seems unlikely they will now, due to the gradual removal of hazelnuts.
    • The gradual replacement of hazelnuts with cherries ultimately concluded with King creating a third ingredient to reskin all the remaining ingredients.
  • King has never added a game mechanic rendering cherries and hazelnuts inequivalent.
  • In the early days, ingredients can easily be confused.
    • Hazelnuts are often mistaken for apples, onions, acorns, conkers, chestnuts, peaches, apricots, pumpkins, pomegranates, or even coconuts.
    • While it is rarer, cherries can be mistaken for lychees or grapes.
  • Candy cannons that drop ingredients used to always have a hazelnut icon. This can be misleading because cherries can come out of the dispensers too. Since cherries are much more common nowadays, to avoid confusion, ingredient cannons now all have a cherry icon.
  • On the web version, they make a noise when they spawn. On mobile they keep silent.
  • While coming out of dispensers at a predetermined turn, the ingredient is the second object on web version, but the first object on the mobile version.
  • Early ingredients levels feature starting or entering ingredients entering from any column. This is not often seen in modern levels, as ingredients either appear in fixed positions or from candy cannons.
    • The possible initial positions of the ingredients may explain the existence of useless cannons where all ingredients are given upon level start, like in level 602 and the former level 200.
    • There are exceptions, however. In level 661, the only cannon is blocked by a full column of icings, but a starting ingredient is in a column of either side.
  • As ingredients give 10,000 points when collected, in levels 357, 376, and 1431, a player can get the target score 180,000 points just by collecting all the ingredients.
  • In the Flash version, when you collect an ingredient, it will "fly" to the order board on the left. In the mobile version, it will just vanish and 10,000 points will rise from the bottom of the title. However, in later mobile versions, ingredients will also fly to the level goal.
  • There is a glitch in the web version. If ingredients are inside of jars in an ingredient exit, when you unlock the jar, the ingredient will be collected and fly in the order board along with the jar.
  • The only single actions that can give more points than an ingredient collection is cake bombs knocking bombs off the screen, a colour bomb detonation, or a candy frog smashing a pile of jellies and bombs.
  • While special candies cannot destroy an ingredient, they do shatter the chocolate surrounding all ingredients within blast radius.
  • During a striped + wrapped combination, if an ingredient is within the centre of the giant candy:
    • On web version, it will fall whenever possible.
    • On the mobile version, it only falls after the giant candy disappears.
  • In level 1247 where jelly fish can be found in ingredients levels, the fish is glitched that it may target the ingredients. If such fish has a combination, this will destroy the ingredients.
  • Here is a list of episodes that contain only cherries and no hazelnuts since release: Syrupy Circus, Peppermint Party, Divine Diner, Dessert Desert, Lullaby Lake, and Toffee Teasprings.
  • Ingredients appear in mixed levels (and therefore appear alongside jelly) as of level 1688. On the web version, if an ingredient is on a jelly square, the jelly square can be removed by special candies, but not by jelly fish or lollipop hammer. On mobile, jelly fish can eat the jelly correctly.
  • For a long time, there never used to be a level that required a double-digit number of ingredients. This changed when level 1951 was released and required 10 cherries. However, it was a mixed level and the first ingredients levels requiring 10 of a single ingredient were ??? (misread sentence) (cherries) and level 2527 (hazelnuts). The record has since been broken. Level 4640 requires 40 cherries, the second-highest of any level. This was later surpassed by level 8516 with 48 cherries, which was then surpassed by Level 301 (via the mass redesign), with 51 cherries.
  • Ingredients of both types have the tilemap code 048, individual cherries have the tilemap code 125, and individual hazelnuts have the tilemap code 126.
  • Ingredients cannot block the flow of the rainbow rapids. This can be seen in rainbow rapids-ingredients mixed levels (such as level 8466).