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Candy Crush Saga Level 11-3

Candy Crush Saga Level 11-3

Level 11 - First Ingredients level

Ingredients levels (also known as Ingredient drop levels) is one of the seven level types in Candy Crush Saga. This level type's icon is green with a white arrow pointing downwards. Ingredients levels first appear in Candy Factory, the second episode, with the first ingredient level being level 11.

Ingredients levels are the fourth most common level type, making up 18.1% of Reality levels at 1448 non-mixed appearances out of the 8000 levels. Adding the 1307 mixed appearances, there are 2755 appearances in total.

In Dreamworld, they make up 27.22% of the levels, with 181 total appearances out of the 665 levels.

The current trend is 0-2 ingredient levels per episode. Some earlier episodes have 5, and Bubblegum Bridge has 7. Wafer Wharf has only one ingredient level. However, Blueberry Brush, Bonbon Beanstalk and Apricot Alley does not even have one ingredient level. Most episodes between Chocolate Barn and Waffle Workshop have either 3 or 4 ingredient levels. Most episodes in World Twelve to World Twenty also have around 3 to 4 ingredient levels. Precious Pond has 6 ingredient levels, and is one of the few episodes with more ingredient levels than jelly levels.

Ingredients levels are considered easier than jelly levels, but there are still quite a few nearly impossible ingredients levels, such as 2005, 2598, 3127, 3741, 3750, 3752, 3818, 4005, 4545 and 4584.


The two items that are only featured in this type of level are cherries and hazelnuts

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To win an ingredients level, the player must collect all the required ingredients by bringing them all down to the bottom of the board (or anywhere where there is a green arrow). In some levels, only one ingredient is needed, and in others, up to 18 ingredients are needed.

There are 2 types of ingredients a player will have to bring down: cherries and hazelnuts. Some levels require cherries, some require hazelnuts, and some require both. Currently no functional difference exists between the 2 types of ingredients. A certain number of each will have to be brought down to complete the level. 10,000 points are awarded for each ingredient collected.

The ingredients fall like normal candies. They come in through the top of the board, usually after another ingredient has been cleared. Some levels start with the ingredients already on the board, and in levels 217 and above, sometimes the ingredients come out of a dispenser. 

When all ingredients have been collected, a striped candy is made for every move remaining, giving 3,000 points for each. Then each of the striped candies activate themselves.

Web descriptionEdit

Ingredients such as hazelnuts and cherries will appear on the board at various points throughout the level. On the side of the board you’ll see how many of each ingredient you need to collect. If you do not collect all the ingredients (bring them to the bottom of the board) before running out of moves, you will fail the level.


When you cursor on the ingredient at the middle left of the game, an inscription will show up like the gallery below:



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How to play (mobile)

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How to play (old)

Ingredient Drop levels are generally easier than jelly levels and sometimes easier than candy order levels. They were considered overall more difficult than Timed levels. Like all level types, earlier ingredients levels are easier than later ones.

Many ingredient drop levels are easy. They generally have few colors, and many, even later ones, such as level 439, are easy and almost pointless. But like all level types, there ARE difficult ingredient drop levels, but they are quite a few of them. 

Certain levels do have misplaced ingredients. Switching an ingredient left or right is the hardest thing to do when it comes to ingredient levels because only a few arrangements allow such switching. This requires luck and future prediction to set up a horizontal ingredient switch. Levels such as 315409, etc. require switching or else a player will not win the level. The levels do not top out to be extremely hard but they are still very hard to manage. Luckily, these levels are not as common as extremely hard jelly levels.

However, when you do get a difficult ingredient drop level, they are VERY DECEIVING! They often look easy when they aren't. This can lead to players feeling stupid and bad about themselves if they don't realize the level is generally hard for the community. There are many examples of deceivingly difficult ingredient drop levels, such as 325, 445, 664, and even the original 181, 361, and 500 to name a few. These levels often contain hidden difficulties which may not be so obvious when playing the level for the first time. This sneaky aspect of ingredient drop levels has led many people to quit and many others to rage.


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How to play (Dreamworld, mobile)

Ingredient Levels are harder in Dreamworld. Although the hardest level in Dreamworld is not often an Ingredient level, there are many consistently hard levels in Dreamworld.

More ingredients are required to complete most levels. Level 383 is an example. Also, there are fewer moves given. The hardest part about these levels is usually only 1 ingredient can spawn on the board. That means that a large cascade is wasted if the ingredient is just as close as 1 square away from the exit. This is the reason why 87 was voted as the hardest level in the Dreamworld before it was nerfed. Level 272 is also another notorious level because of this.


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  • About 1 in 4 levels are ingredients levels. This means an episode has an average of three to five Ingredients levels.
  • On the web version, the drop down will disappear after you passed level, but on the mobile version, they don't disappear.
  • It is impossible to score fewer than 10,000 points on an Ingredients level as bringing down an ingredient will score a player 10,000 points. It is impossible to score less than 100,000 points on an Ingredients level that requires ten or more ingredients.
  • Originally, it said, "Bring all ingredients down to the bottom!". It was later changed to "Collect all the ingredients."
    • That was probably because some levels had stuck zones, so the ingredient wouldn't be collected despite it being in the bottom.
  • It is impossible for one to NOT get 3 stars on level 11 since the objective for achieving 3 stars is 3,000 points, whereas bringing down a single cherry would give you 10,000 points. The same thing is true with level 22, 30, pre-nerf 664, pre-nerf 671743, 745, and 895.
  • Levels 357, 376 and 1431 used to require the most ingredients in a single level, with 9 cherries and 9 hazelnuts, 18 in total.
Ingredients and jelly

Glitched levelsEdit

In September 2015, there was a confirmed glitch on Facebook wherein some levels the ingredients didn't drop until the very last moves of the level, and some didn't drop at all, causing the level to be impossible to complete. This has been known to affect some players on Level 264/Dreamworld, Level 376, Level 378, Level 390, Level 428, Level 495, Level 500, Level 551, Level 581/Dreamworld, and Level 587. It is unknown what caused the glitch, but it was fixed in early October.

Notable ingredients levelsEdit

  • Level 11 - First ingredients level.
  • Level 21 - The first ingredients level with one-layered frostings.
  • Level 181 - Was formerly one of the hardest ingredients levels because of the thick layer of icing on the sides. Now badly nerfed.
  • Level 200 - Inspiration for Sweet Surprise, milestone level number.
  • Level 357 and 376 - Formerly had the most ingredients in a single level - 9 of each.
  • Level 361 - Was also formerly one of the hardest ingredients levels due to six colours, irregular blockers, and only a few ingredient exits. Now heavily nerfed.
  • Level 413 - 100th ingredients level
  • Level 417 - Another super difficult ingredients level. A level that is dependent on luck.
  • Level 409, 445 and 734 - Formerly three of the hardest ingredient levels in the game.
  • Level 500 - Used to be a level with most moves in the game at 65 moves, also milestone level number, supposedly the hardest ingredients level, and considered one of the hardest levels in the game. Now badly nerfed.
  • Level 587 - One of only four levels in the first 2000 to contain just 3 candy colours. The others are 31, 621, 1020, and 1108.
  • Level 600 - Milestone level, and contains the first 3 item dispenser
  • Level 620 - World finale level.
  • Level 674 - A level that is highly dependent on luck (Particularly where the ingredients spawn).
  • Level 700 - Another milestone level. Along with level 696, it used to have the largest number of moves in the game: 75. It has been buffed and now has 45 moves.
  • Level 743 - 200th ingredients level.
  • Level 910 - The level which has the highest three-star target score at 9,000,000 points. Currently, the three-star target is largely nerfed to 400,000 points.
  • Level 1122 - 300th ingredients level.
  • Level 1247 - The first ingredients level with jelly fish, also one of the extremely hard levels
  • Level 1463 - 400th ingredients level.
  • Level 1688 - The first ingredients level that coincides with jelly (Mixed).
  • Level 2040 - The first ingredients level with mystery candy dispensers (the only one of the three new dispensers which can appear in any level type).
  • Level 2046 - 500th ingredients level.
  • Level 2409 - The first ingredient level with bobbers.
  • Level 2785 - 600th ingredients level.
  • Level 2818 - The last ingredients level on the Flash version.
  • Level 2827 - First HTML5-exclusive ingredients level.
  • Level 3252 - First ingredients level with candy cane fences.
  • Level 3350 - 700th ingredients level.
  • Level 3503 - First ingredients level with waffles.
  • Level 3717 - First ingredients level with dark chocolate.
  • Level 3861 - 800th ingredients level.
  • Level 4089 - First ingredients level with candy cane curl.
  • Level 4206 - First ingredients level with extra moves candies.
  • Level 4372 - 900th ingredients level.
  • Level 4597 - First ingredients level with crystal candies.
  • Level 4896 - 1,000th ingredients level.
  • Level 5128 - First ingredients level with colour bomb cannons.
  • Level 5458 - 1,100th ingredients level.
  • Level 5676 - First ingredients level with rainbow twists and first level with rainbow twists overall.
  • Level 6076 - 1,200th ingredients level.
  • Level 6534 - First ingredients level with bubblegum pops.
  • Level 6755 - 1,300th ingredients level.
  • Level 7555 - 1,400th ingredients level.
  • TBA - First pure ingredients level with liquorice curls.
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