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Jelly is a primary element in Candy Crush Saga that appears in jelly levels.


Jellies often appear behind candies on squares, and even behind blockers. The objective of jelly levels is to remove all of the jellies. It can be removed by matching candies on a square with jelly or by using special candies. This procedure has to be repeated a second time if it is a double jelly.

Each jelly square is worth 1,000 points, which can be multiplied with cascade counts. As such, some levels require heavy cascades in the jelly area to reach the target score.

If an ingredient goes to an ingredient exit that has jelly, the ingredient will be collected normal and also the jelly will lose one layer like it was hit by a special candy. This is, however, not true if the jelly is protected by crystal candy - in such cases, neither crystal candy nor jelly will lose a layer.

Since Level 9621, jelly can be added to the board by breaking a Jelly Jar. Each of this blocker can target up to 13 tiles and increase their jelly layer by 1. However, for target tiles already having double jelly, new jelly layers will be collected immediately.

In the HTML5 version (since 2018), if there's five or fewer jellies left, the remaining jellies will be highlighted in light yellow with four corners making a square.


Jelly comes in two forms: single and double jelly. Double jelly has a much whiter appearance and is more opaque than single jelly which is translucent.

Single jelly[]


Single Jelly

Single jelly-removebg-preview (1)

New version of Single jelly

Single jelly is first seen in level 8, but will always show up when there are jelly levels. This is because a double jelly turns into a single jelly the first time it is hit. In starting boards, it is very common in the beginning but later the double jellies take over almost completely.

Double jelly[]


Double Jelly

Double jelly-removebg-preview

New version of Double jelly

Double jellies first appear in level 9. They are by far the more common type of jelly in the game and they get increasingly abundant. In the hundreds and onwards, nearly every jelly in the game is a double jelly. There are some exceptions, such as level 193, made entirely of single jellies, and in levels such as 167 and 213, there are a few single jellies.

Many players consider double jellies annoying. They are responsible for making jelly levels harder, due to doubling the number of hits required, including some hard to reach squares needing to reached twice instead of once. Sadly, as the game progresses, these jellies become more and more common. More common than chocolate and its spawner, the chocolate fountain.


  • Marmalade and crystal candy are often mistaken for a triple jelly or more, however triple jellies don't exist in the game.
    • Even the jelly jar cannot produce triple jelly; if it tries to spawn jelly on a tile that already has double jelly, one of the jelly layers will be collected instead. This may indicate that there won't be any plan to make triple jelly.
  • Mixed levels introduce jelly outside of jelly levels. All mixed levels used to have jelly (excluding those where the level type icon is wrong, due to a glitch like level 2246), until level 5871, the first ingredients+candy order mixed level, was released.
  • It is similar to the background grids from Jewel Quest, where you have to turn all those squares on the board from brown to gold.
  • There are three variants in the artwork of the fragments of destroyed jelly. The first is the PC version, where the fragments look like glass shards. The second variant is the iOS version, where the fragments appear to be little transparent puffs. The third variant is in the Android and other versions, where it has the lowest quality artwork and the fragments appear to be transparent grey circles.
  • It works like frosting in the other Candy Crush games.
    • Candy Crush Jelly Saga also has this element named jelly. However, instead of clear all the jellies, the player must spread all the jelly on the board everywhere. The behavior of this "jelly" is more similar with jam in other series.
  • On the web version, after the player clears all the jellies, the lights which correspond to the jellies will appear.
  • Jelly has the tilemap codes 003 and 004 (single jelly and double jelly, respectively).
  • Unlike with ingredients, order elements and rainbow candies, there has never been a level where there is more jelly on the board than the amount required to complete the level.
  • Jelly can be hidden behind Rainbow Streams and Rainbow Rapid's molds in jelly-rainbow rapids mixed levels. While jelly that is hidden behind rainbow streams can still be cleared, it's not visible to the player until the rainbow stream disappears. Jelly hidden behind rainbow rapid's mold cannot be cleared until the rainbow rapid's mold is removed.
  • With the introduction of Jelly Jar, levels can require more than 162 jelly layers (the equivalent of 81 double jellies, 81 is the maximum number of tiles on the board). One such example is Level 9700, which requires 390 layers of jelly, more than twice the number of jelly layers that can be on a board normally.
  • Until June 2021 (when jelly jars were first released), jelly couldn't be spawned in any way.