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Jelly Color level is a scrapped level type in Candy Crush Saga.


  • To complete this level type, the player must turn all jellies on the board from red to green with the same method as clearing regular jellies, but green jellies can also be brought back to red jellies with the same method as well.


  • Jelly Color levels are one of the scrapped level types in the game, along with Frog levels.
  • Jelly Color levels could briefly be experienced in a Cake Climb event in late 2016.
  • Since coloured jelly (which can only appear in this level type) appears between Magic Mixer and Bobber (released in 2015 and 2017, respectively) in the tile map code, it's possible that Jelly Color levels were planned for release around 2016 before being scrapped.
  • The game code and tile map codes for jelly colour levels are still present, so it is still possible to make new levels or recreate the level that used this game mode. However, coloured jelly has been replaced by blue and black tiles in the tile map code, so your objective would be to light up all tiles instead of turning all the jelly green (but the objective would still read "Turn all the jelly green!").
    • Jelly-timed levels on Flash version (when they still existed) had the same message when released (possibly due to a glitch).