Template:Episode Jelly Jungle is the twenty-first episode of Candy Crush Saga. Winning trophy: Tiramisaurus Rex, this episode was released on January 8 2013.


Before episode:
Despite the name, lollipop flora and watermelon slices can be seen as part of the surroundings. In this episode, the player encounters a baby dinosaur that is in danger of being devoured by a pterodactyl.
After episode:
Tiffi gives him an egg shell to hide in.

New things

  • Nothing new is added.


Jelly Jungle contains levels 291 to 305. This episode is known for containing level 300, a jelly level. It has some hard levels like 293, 296, 299, 304, and 305.

There are 7 jelly levels, 4 objective levels, 3 ingredient drop levels and 1 timed level.

Level Number Level Type
291 Ingredient Drop
292 Jelly
293 Jelly
294 Objectives
295 Jelly
296 Ingredient Drop
297 Timed
298 Jelly
299 Objectives
300 Jelly
301 Objectives
302 Ingredient Drop
303 Jelly
304  Objectives
305 Jelly


  • Level 297 is the shortest time, 15 seconds, it is extremely hard to get 3 stars.
  • In the iOS version, a silhouette of the Jelly Jungle can be seen in the background of the Cupcake Circus.
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