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Kimmy (also known as Kimmie) is the protagonist of the sequel of Candy Crush SagaCandy Crush Soda Saga. To date, she has yet to make any characteristic appearances in Candy Crush Saga but is mentioned in splash texts and is an unreleased character. Her adoptive father is Mr. Toffee. It is unknown whether she is the actual sister of Tiffi and Jenny.



Kimmy's appearance

She has similar features to Tiffi, but has brunette hair with a red bow holding it in place. Pink rosy cheeks are seen on her complexion as well as a nose similar to Tiffi's. Kimmy wears a blue dress with a white bow and white buttons including blue shoes. Unlike Tiffi, Like Jenny, her expressions aren't as Candy Crush Jelly Saga exaggerated.


Soda description
  • It is unknown if she will be featured in a future episode. However, it is likely that the theoretical episode is soda-themed.
  • She appears in cross-gaming rewarding screen, where she carries rewards and hands them to Tiffi.
  • During the early days of Candy Crush Soda Saga, she appeared on the game icon, which occasionally showed up in this game as a link button.
    • Before mobile version 1.59, she appeared in the "lives window" if the Soda button has appeared.
    • After version 1.59, she instead appears in the next screen after tapping the Soda button.
    • When you cursor on the Soda button (on web), an inscription will show up: "Discover a sodalicious new adventure in the Jellylicious Candy Kingdom!".
  • In the limited images of this game, she is often seen on a boat.


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