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Current version Dreamworld Past versions
Level 140
Level 140 Dreamworld
Level type Objective new
Orders Wrapped2 (trans): 15
Moves 34 Dreamworld
Target score 1star (trans): 50,000 pts
Blockers None
Other features None
Colours 6
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Spaces 81
Difficulty Very Easy
Previous Next
Ingredient drop new Objective new
139 141

Level 140 was the fifteenth and last level in Sparkle Submarino and the 11th candy order level in Dreamworld. To pass this level, you must collect 15 wrapped candies in 34 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • It can be difficult to make wrapped candies with six colours.
  • With a long moon struck, lasting five moves, many wrapped candies can be made from cascades automatically.
  • There is not much difficulty in this level, especially with two moon strucks lasting five moves, which is very helpful, and the moon scale does not pose much of a threat.
  • Creating 15 wrapped candies in 34 moves will require the player to collect a wrapped candy per two moves.
  • There are no blockers.


Two Stars
Score 50,000 80,000 100,000
Difficulty Very Easy Very Easy Very Easy

Moon ScaleEdit

Moon Scale
Odus normal
Odus Worry
Odus panic
Odus falls
Candies 0 5 10 13

Moon StruckEdit

  • 1st Start: 22 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 1st End: 17 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 2nd Start: 5 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 2nd End: 0 Dreamworld moves left.
Moon Struck Normal moves Moon Struck moves
Moon Scale is full 12 moves 5 moves


  • Use colour bombs and moon struck wisely to make and activate more wrapped candies automatically.
  • Mix a colour bomb with a wrapped candy during moon struck to allow more opportunities of forming wrapped candies.
  • Try to avoid making striped candies. It may happen in the beginning, but during the moon struck, wrapped candies are abundant.

Earning More StarsEdit


  • The presence of six colours will cause many moves to be spent to create special candies required during regular moves. However, this point is less critical due to the low two and three star target scores, lack of blockers, open board, and the moon struck.
  • The order is worth 15,000 points. Hence, an additional 65,000 points for two stars and an additional 85,000 points for three stars have to be earned through matching of candies.
  • With no blockers, the only difficulty is to find the possible matches to create wrapped candies.
  • 34 moves are limited in earning a huge amount of points due to sugar crush and the limiting of the number of special candies created via regular matches. However, this point is less critical due to the low two and three star target scores, and the moon struck.
  • Moon struck removes candies matching the colours on the moon scale, lasts for five moves and occurs twice. This makes it much easier to create and activate special candies.
  • Once the first moon struck ends, it can become harder to create special candies. However, the player will have earned enough points equal or over the two and three star target scores.


  • The order for this level is drastically different from its counterpart in Reality.
  • This is one of the levels that is easier in Dreamworld than its counterpart in Reality.



Level 140Dreamworld

Level 140Dreamworld

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 140 (Traumwelt)

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 140 (Traumwelt)


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