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 Level 1475 
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Level type Objective new
Jelly squares Single jelly-removebg-preview (1): 19   Double jelly-removebg-preview: 31
Moves Moves-17
Target score 1star (trans): 81,000 pts
Blockers Liquorice Swirl new  Marmalade  Bubblegum Pop 2  Bubblegum Pop 5
Other features Conveyor (trans)  Conveyor portal green
Colours 4
Orange Green Blue Purple
Spaces 50
Difficulty Somewhat Hard
Previous Next
Ingredient drop new Objective new
1474 1476

Level 1475 is the fifteenth and last level in Dessert Desert and the 332nd candy order level. To pass this level, you must clear 19 single and 31 double jelly squares in 17 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • There are only 28 liquorice swirls, and no additional ones will spawn.
  • If the chocolate is left uninterrupted, the player will have a maximum of 12 moves to clear all the liquorice swirls.
  • The orders are worth 12,000 points.[1] Hence, an additional 18,000 points is required to earn one star.


Two Stars
Score 81,000 130,000 180,000 360,000


  • All liquorice is required to pass the level. The UFOs will generate 6 wrapped candies, leaving only two left to create. Try not to destroy chocolate too quickly, otherwise it might not spawn fast enough to destroy enough to complete the order.
  • The UFO glitch has now been fixed on web version and on mobile since version, so that any liquorice swirls it hits will still count towards the order. Activating the UFO can destroy large quantities of blockers that will help to complete the order.
    • However, on some of the mobile devices ( or before), this glitch still existed, making this level nearly impossible. In this case, try to destroy all swirls before using UFOs.


  • This was originally the third level that can be made unwinnable, due to being in a position where it was impossible to complete all orders. The first two are levels 467 and 1457. This level could be made unwinnable if a UFO turned a liquorice swirl into a wrapped candy, since it would not be counted towards the order and no new liquorice swirls appear.
    • On web version, this glitch that lasted for 1 week has been fixed so liquorice swirls hit by the UFO now count towards the order.
    • However, only some of the mobile devices have this change. Players who have devices without this change will have a hard time on this level.

This is the third world finale level with six colours. The first two are levels 800 and 1340. If pre-nerfs are counted, This would be the fifth as Dreamworld levels 350 and 440 (with the exception of the third version) used to have six colours.

  • Most of the world finales have five colours, and levels 980, 1115, and 1205 have four.

Before the next episode, Delicious Dynasty came out, this was Nearly Impossible due to the liquorice swirls not counted when the UFO turned them into wrapped candies!


  • On some of the mobile devices, when UFO converted liquorice swirls into wrapped candies, these swirls did not count in order. This made it impossible to win the level. The glitch was fixed in version


Miscellaneous Info

  1. (8 special candies × 1,000 points per special candy) + (40 blockers × 100 points per blocker) = 12,000 points