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 Level 177 
Level 177 Reality 2nd Version
Level type Target score new
Moves Moves-30
Target score 1star (trans): 15,000 pts
Blockers Four-layered Icing new
Other features Teleporter3
Colours 5
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Spaces 72
Difficulty Easy
Previous Next
Objective new Jelly new
176 178

Level 177 is the seventh level in Cupcake Circus and the 30th moves level. To pass this level, you must score at least 15,000 points in 30 moves. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • The 4 four-layer frosting squares at the bottom-left side is the primary difficulty here and will stun progress easily.
  • Earning 15,000 points is quite difficult in 30 moves for some players, especially if they are not fast enough in clearing the frostings to allow more room for the candies.
  • Breaking up the frosting can cause up to several moves to be lost while the candies fall through, plus any cascades.
  • The player is required to earn at least 500 points per move.[1]


Two Stars
Score 15,000 25,000 50,000 100,000


  • Clear the frosting at the bottom and make as many special candy combinations as you can. Once the frosting is cleared, try to work on the right side of the board, and create colour bombs.



Board Info

Level 177 Reality Notes
  • Orange line(s) show where the candies spawn.
  • The regular teleporters having identical numbers indicate where the entry and exit is.

Miscellaneous Info

  1. 15,000 points / 30 moves = 500 points per move


Candy Crush Saga Level 177 (Moves level) - 3 Stars Walkthrough, No Boosters

Candy Crush Saga Level 177 (Moves level) - 3 Stars Walkthrough, No Boosters


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