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Level 2052 V5 HTML5
Level type Mixed new
Jelly squares Single-Jelly: 36   Double-Jelly: 45
Ingredients Cherry order: 4
Moves Moves-42
Target score 1star (trans): 260,000 pts
Blockers Liquorice Swirl new
Other features Mystery Yellow Candy  Sugardrop-trans  Ingredient Liquorice swirl cannon new  Liquorice swirl Mystery candy cannon new
Colours 5
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Spaces 81
Difficulty Easy
Previous Next
Objective new Target score new
2051 2053

Level 2052 is the seventh level in Tricky Tracks and the 79th mixed mode level (77th jelly-ingredients). To pass this level, you must clear 36 single, 45 double jelly squares and collect 4 cherries in 42 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • There are a lot of liquorice swirls.


Two Stars
Score 260,000 300,000 385,000 770,000


  • First use some moves to clear liquorice swirls from the board.
  • Make and combine as many special candies as you're able to. That's for cleaning jellies. Focus on the top ones.
  • Try to get the cherries on the same row in order to bring them down easier.


  • This is officially the first level with candy cannons that spawn both liquorice swirls and mystery candies.
  • This is the second mixed level with all 81 jellies.
  • This level spawned sugar drops before this element was removed.


Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
Hazelnut newCherry new
  • Ingredient spawn density: 5 moves
  • If there are fewer than 1 ingredients on the screen, then the board spawns up to 1 ingredient when possible.
  • The maximum number of ingredients on the board is 2.
Liquorice Swirl new
  • Spawn 1 every 1 move.
Mystery Yellow Candy
  • Spawn 1 every 2 moves.



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