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Level 2463 V3 HTML5
Level type Objective new
Orders Liquorice Swirl order: 8   Frosting order: 12   Chocolate order: 12
Moves Moves-22
Target score 1star (trans): 100,000 pts
Blockers Liquorice Swirl new  Marmalade
Other features Lucky Candy Red  Sugardrop-trans  Lucky candy cannon  Teleporter3
Colours 4
Orange Green Blue Purple
Spaces 53
Difficulty Very Hard
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Jelly new Jelly new
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Level 2,463 is the thirteenth level in Popsicle Plateau and the 564th candy order level. To pass this level, you must collect 8 liquorice swirls, 12 icing layers and 12 chocolate squares in 22 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • Only the swirls are already given. All other orders require the use of lucky candies.
  • However, these lucky candies need to pass a long path of many isolated tiles before reaching the main board. Since the remaining orders are all immobile, if they are opened too early, the path will be stuck.
  • Even the main board is limited by some marmalade, though this problem is minor.
  • Having four colours means that special candies can spawn easier, but in this level, they are very likely to backfire, by opening lucky candies at wrong place.


Two Stars
Score 100,000 190,000 245,000 490,000


  • There is a lot to do, but first, remember one thing: Never make horizontal striped candies or colour bombs, unless the order is almost completed and the needed lucky candies are in the main area.
  • Take a look at the portals in the center column, there are two. Candies can also spawn from the upper portal, such that objects in the long path can only have one moving each time if a matching is done right below that portal. On the other hand, the lower portal is a standard one, and this is the key.
  • The first few moves shall be used to clear marmalade.
  • Next, focus your matching below the lower portal, such that candies in the middle column can pass the lower portal one by one, and so do the lucky candies.
  • Once the lucky candies are in the main board, you may open them safely. However, unless collecting orders, it is advised to match candies at the lower area, while lowering the possibility of cascades. A miss may cost many moves to recover, and may lead to a loss.

With BoostersEdit

  • While many other levels are easier with starting boosters, in this level, the only thing you can use is the lucky candy. All other special candies can easily ruin your plan.


  • This level is almost identical to the past version of level 2123, except there are less icings and chocolates to collect, there are less moves and there is a teleporter at the top of the main board.
  • This level spawned sugar drops before this element was removed.
  • The structure of the board looks like level 156 in Candy Crush Soda Saga.


Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
Lucky Candy Blue
  • Spawn 1 every 1 move.
  • If there are fewer than 11 lucky candies on screen, then the board spawns up to 11 when possible.



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