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 Level 3408 
Level 3408 V3 HTML5
Level type Objective new
Orders Jelly Fish order: 14   Candy Bomb order: 21   Striped2 (trans): 14
Moves Moves-18
Target score 1star (trans): 30,000 pts
Blockers Liquorice Swirl new  Liquorice Lock new  Bobber
MagicMixernew1 (10-move)
Other features Liquorice swirl cannon new  Lucky candy cannon new
Colours 4
Orange Green Blue Purple
Spaces 55
Difficulty Hard
Previous Next
Mixed new Ingredient drop new
3407 3409

Level 3408 is the thirteenth level in Yummy Yard and the 803rd candy order level. To pass this level, you must collect 14 jelly fish, 21 candy bombs and 14 striped candies in 18 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • Lots of liquorice swirls are at the start.
  • Bobbers are helpful, they spawn jelly fish when hit, which are required for the order and can target lucky candies and blockers.
  • Magic mixers can spawn candy bombs to replace spawned lucky candies at the top. Ironically, lucky candies can be replaced by candy bombs in this way when it is possible for the lucky candies themselves to yield candy bombs when opened.
  • If magic mixers are destroyed and candy bombs are still required them the rest can be spawned from lucky candies.
  • Jelly fish spawned from lucky candies may not target blockers since they behave differently to the ones spawned by bobbers.


Two Stars
Score 30,000 50,000 90,000 180,000


  • Wait for the magic mixers to spawn enough candy bombs before destroying them. This way, one of the orders will be fulfilled, lucky candies won't be replaced and they will only spawn special candies to make the level easier.
  • While waiting for the magic mixers to spawn, concentrate on removing the liquorice swirls on the lower board so that there will be more room to make special candies and hit bobbers.


  • This is the second level where lucky candies can yield jelly fish and candy bombs (last seen in level 3211 and level 3216, respectively). However, this time those elements can be collected without lucky candies (due to bobbers and magic mixers spawning them), whereas the first time they could only be collected due to lucky candies.
    • This is also the first level where lucky candies can spawn 10 move candy bombs when opened (15 move candy bombs before the redesign).


Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
Liquorice Swirl new
  • Spawn 1 every 1 move.
  • If there are fewer than 10 liquorice swirls on screen, then the board spawns up to 10 when possible.
Candy Bomb Green
  • Spawn 1 every 3 moves.
  • If there are fewer than 2 candy bombs on screen, then the board spawns up to 2 when possible.
Lucky Candy Blue
  • If there are fewer than 2 lucky candies on screen, then the board spawns up to 2 when possible.
Magic Mixer Notes
Elements Spawn Interval Spawn Amount
3 moves



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