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 Level 342 
Level 342 V5 HTML5
Level type Jelly new
Jelly squares Single-Jelly: 14   Double-Jelly: 12
Moves Moves-31
Target score 1star (trans): 35,000 pts
Blockers Locked Candies  Marmalade  Two-layered Icing  Three-layered Icing
Other features Jelly Fish Blue
Colours 5
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Spaces 69
Difficulty Easy
Previous Next
Objective new Target score new
341 343

Level 342 is the seventh level in Pearly White Plains and the 149th jelly level. To pass this level, you must clear 14 single and 12 double jelly squares in 31 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • This level is entirely based on luck, therefore has no actual feasible difficulty rating. Getting a colour bomb and a jelly fish is pretty much a guaranteed win, whereas one can also be very unlucky with their fish and therefore be granted a guaranteed loss. 
  • There are single jellies under all the icing and all the double jellies are visible on the board.
  • Five colours ease the creation of special candies


Two Stars
Score 35,000 50,000 65,000 130,000
Difficulty Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined


  • If a colour bomb can be created, try to combine it with a jelly fish. This combination should summon a lot of jelly fish to help eat the bottom jellies.
  • Otherwise, simply get rid of the six jellies at the top of the level before using any of the jelly fish, as they are the only way to get rid of the jellies under the icing at the bottom of the board.

Earning more starsEdit

  • The jellies are worth 38,000. Hence you need 12,000 points for 2 stars and 27,000 for 3 stars.


  • There was rumour claiming that the jellies under the icing are random each time you play. This is false. There is a single jelly under every icing square.
  • On web version, each jelly fish is programmed not to eat more than one jelly in the icing if there is sufficient exposed jelly. On mobile, however, the chances are less rigged.
  • An episode of Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish, "Stuck on Level 342", has a title referencing this level based on an online comment he found of someone complaining about the level's difficulty.



Candy Crush Saga Level 342 (Jelly level) - 3 Stars Walkthrough, No Boosters

Candy Crush Saga Level 342 (Jelly level) - 3 Stars Walkthrough, No Boosters


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