Current version Dreamworld Past versions
 Level 345 
Level 345 V3 HTML5
Level type Objective new
Orders Striped2 (trans): 20   Greencandy order: 80   Bluecandy order: 80
Moves Moves-35
Target score 1star (trans): 30,000 pts
Blockers Locked Candies  Two-layered Icing  Three-layered Icing  30-move
Other features Mystery Yellow Candy
Colours 4
Orange Green Blue Purple
Spaces 81
Difficulty Easy
Previous Next
Ingredient drop new Jelly new
344 346

Level 345 is the tenth level in Pearly White Plains and the 68th candy order level. To pass this level, you must collect 20 striped candies, 80 green candies and 80 blue candies in 35 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • This level has four colours, which makes it easy to create special candies.
  • The required order, consisting of 20 striped, 80 green, and 80 blue candies, may be tough to collect.
  • The presence of two- and three-layered icing, as well as liquorice locks, initially restricts board space. It can take a considerable number of moves to clear these blockers and open up the board.
  • 30-move candy bombs are present below the icing and the locks, but it should be easy to defuse them in time due to 4 colours on the board.
  • Mystery candies can assist or hinder the player's progress.


Two Stars
Score 30,000 90,000 110,000 220,000
Difficulty None Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined


  • If you are on HTML5 version, use the exit and restart strategy as many times as you need to get a good board. A good board will be one in which two of the bombs are the same colour, or you have an immediate chance to make striped candies or breaking through the liquorice locks and getting down to the icing.

The First Phase - Candy BombsEdit

  • First concentrate on clearing out the candy bombs, do not worry about the orders. You will be making striped candies to get to the candy bombs, so you are fulfilling part of the level requirements anyway. Your aim is to combine a colour bomb with a striped candy, which will convert all candies of the same colour to stripes and fulfil that part of the level - but if you need to use your first colour bomb to take out the candy bombs, do that. When you go for your colour bomb + striped candy combination, try to wait until you have many candies of the same colour on the board, so you get more stripes against the required order.

The Second Phase - Mystery CandiesEdit

  • The mystery candies can have anything in them. You are just as likely to get spawning chocolate, another candy bomb, or icing as you are to get a marmalade covered striped or wrapped candy, so be prepared to take the new threat out when it appears.

The Third Phase - RequirementsEdit

  • If you made it here, you are almost done. However, there is more on the way. Fulfilling the green and blue candies requirement is slightly difficult. Once you have an open board, there will be many more chances for match-four and match-five, so go for those instead of focusing on making match-threes of green or blue as the cascades you get will bring down the candy you need.




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