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| moves = {{MovesD|30}}
| moves = {{MovesD|30}}
| target = {{Score|200,000}}
| target = {{Score|200,000}}
| blockers = {{Blocker|Five-layered Icing|Three-layered Icing|Candy Bomb 9}}
| blockers = {{Blocker|Three-layered Icing|Five-layered Icing|Candy Bomb 9}}
| other = {{Other|Conveyor Belt|Portal}}
| other = {{Other|Conveyor Belt|Portal}}
| candies = {{Candy|5}}
| candies = {{Candy|5}}

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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

Current version Dreamworld Past versions
Ⓒ Level 549 
Level 549 Dreamworld
Level type Jelly new
Jelly squares Double-Jelly: 36
Moves 30 Dreamworld[[Category:Levels with 30 Dreamworld moves|0549]]
Target score 1star (trans): 1star (trans): 200,000 pts pts
Blockers Three-layered Icing  Five-layered Icing  9-move
Other features Conveyor (trans)
Colours Unknown
Spaces 65
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Ingredient drop new Jelly new
548 550

Template:Level PassageD


  • You only have 30 moves, 10 less than in Reality. However, half of your moves are covered within moon struck.
  • The moon scale is relatively unstable from cascades.
  • The jellies are worth 72,000 points [1]. Hence, an additional 128,000 points is required for one star.


Two Stars
Score 200,000 550,000 900,000
Difficulty Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined

Moon Scale


Moon Struck

  • 1st Start: 25 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 1st End: 20 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 2nd Start: 15 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 2nd End: 10 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 3nd Start: 5 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 3nd End: 0 Dreamworld move left.

Template:MoonStruck Notes


  • Do as in Reality, but keep the moon scale balanced when taking special candy combinations.
  • It's easier to get colour bombs in moon struck. Use them on candy bombs for massive points.


Miscellaneous Info



Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 549 (Traumwelt)

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 549 (Traumwelt)

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 549 (No booster, 3 Stars)

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 549 (No booster, 3 Stars)


Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level list

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