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Unreleased VersionEdit

Level 5993
Level 5993 Unreleased Version

Episode Soda Soiree
Level type Jelly new
Jelly squares Single-Jelly: 23   Double-Jelly: 9
Moves Moves-50
Target score 1star (trans): 70,000 pts
Blockers Locked Candies  Regular meringue  Chocolate
Other features None
Colours 6
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Spaces 81
Difficulty Medium
  • It was a placeholder level that used level 61 first version's board.
  • This version was available in HTML5 version 1.162, 1.163, and 1.164.


Two Stars
Score 70,000 80,000 90,000
Difficulty Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined
Candy Crush Saga redesigned level list

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