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 Level 7128 
Level 7128 V1 Win 10.png
Episode Snowy Suburbs
Level type Rainbow Rapids level icon.png
Rainbow candies Rainbow Candy.png: 2
Moves Moves-25.png
Target score 1star (trans).png: 20,000 pts
Blockers One-layered Icing new.png  Three-layered Icing new.png  Five-layered Icing new.png  One-layered Crystal.png  Two-layered Crystal.png
Cake Bomb new design.png
Other features Striped candy cannon new.png  Rainbow rapid cannon right.png
Colours 4
Orange.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
Spaces 48
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Rainbow Rapids level icon.png Jelly new.png
7127 7129

Level 7128 is the thirteenth level in Snowy Suburbs and the 7th rainbow rapids level. To pass this level, you must unleash the rainbow rapids to collect 2 rainbow candies in 25 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • The rainbow candies are worth 20,000 points,[1] which is equal to the one-star target score.


Two Stars.png
Score 20,000 56,000 69,000 138,000


  • Target the cake bombs first. They are your main obstacle, and destroying them will also blast away most of the frosting.


  • This is the first rainbow rapids level with cake bombs and crystal candies (with one and two layers).
  • This is the first level where rainbow rapids cannot spawn at the start (since there are blockers that block all of the rainbow cannons).
  • This level is the same as Level 12 in Saltnado.


Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
Striped blue h.png
Striped blue v.png
  • Spawn 1 every 1 move.

Miscellaneous Info

  1. 2 rainbow candies × 10,000 points per rainbow candy = 20,000 points