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 Level 869 
Level 869 Reality
Level type Jelly new
Jelly squares Double-Jelly: 22
Moves Moves-30
Target score 1star (trans): 45,000 pts
Blockers Regular meringue  Three-layered Icing  Cake Bomb new design
Other features None
Colours 5
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Spaces 48
Difficulty Somewhat Easy
Previous Next
Ingredient drop new Objective new
868 870

Level 869 is the ninth level in Truffle Terrace and the 388th jelly level. To pass this level, you must clear 22 double jelly squares in 30 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • Regular icing squares block the flow of candies. However, they can be easily cleared at the start due to matches being always available.
  • The jellies are worth 44,000 points.[1] Hence, an additional 1,000 points is required to earn one star.


Two Stars
Score 45,000 90,000 135,000 270,000
Difficulty Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined


  • You need to clear the cake bomb and you need to open up the top icing to get more candy to drop. Here's how to clear the cake bomb in two moves:
  • First, create a vertical striped candy in the third column by swapping the left, topmost red candy with the orange beneath it.
  • Second, swap the second red candy in the far right column with the orange on its left, creating a vertical match of red candies. The orange above the match will fall down and match the two oranges beneath the cake bomb, then reds will fall down, the red vertical striped candy will end up under the left column of the cake bomb, and additional falling reds will match it and set it off, clearing the cake bomb.
  • At that point the hammer comes down, clearing the top icings, which will then result in refilling the board with candies. You now have 28 moves remaining to clear the rest of the icing and the double jellies beneath them.


  • This level is the second heart-shaped level. Others are 116, 1018, 1100, 1160, and 1486.
  • This is the first level to contain regular icing in five episodes.


Board Info

Level 869 Reality Notes
  • Orange line(s) show where the candies spawn.
  • Dark blue square(s) indicate the position of double jellies.
  • Orange dot(s) show where the specific candy stays in the same layout or pattern without randomisation of candy colours.

Miscellaneous Info

  1. 22 double jellies × 2,000 points per double jelly = 44,000 points


Candy Crush Saga level 869 NO BOOSTERS

Candy Crush Saga level 869 NO BOOSTERS

Candy Crush Saga Level 869 No Boosters

Candy Crush Saga Level 869 No Boosters


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