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 Level 870 
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Level type Objective new.png
Orders Colourbomb colourbomb (trans).png: 1   Wrapped2 (trans).png: 10   Color bomb (trans).png: 3
Moves Moves-34.png
Target score 1star (trans).png: 150,000 pts
Blockers Liquorice Lock new.png  Chocolate new.png  Licoriceshell2.png
Other features Conveyor (trans).png  Conveyor portal green.png
Colours 5
Red.png Orange.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
Spaces 81
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Jelly new.png Ingredient drop new.png
869 871

Level 870 is the tenth level in Truffle Terrace and the 210th candy order level. To pass this level, you must collect 1 colour bomb + colour bomb combination, 10 wrapped candies and 3 colour bombs in 34 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

  • You have to create a double colour bomb combination.
  • Even with that combination completed, the main difficulty is to create 10 wrapped candies because they can help to destroy the liquorice shells, which in turn gives the last colour bomb required.
  • The chocolate can be quite hard to clear due to the restricted board space at the start.
  • The orders are worth 18,000 points.[1] Hence, an additional 132,000 points is required to earn one star.

Stars[edit | edit source]

Two Stars.png
Score 150,000 250,000 300,000 600,000

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Focus on creating the colour bomb + colour bomb combination first.
  • On mobile, creating enough special candies to pop all the liquorice shells can be a major problem, due to the limited space available to work with at the beginning. Getting the colour bomb + colour bomb combination is simplest if you can take advantage of the 3 liquorice shells in the centre column. If you create a striped candy, try to set it off between two liquorice shells, aligned to hit them.
  • Try to match some of the wrapped candies you create with colour bombs—that clears two colours from the board and makes it MUCH easier to get more wrapped candies.
  • Finally, meeting the orders alone may not give the player enough points to pass the level. Hence, check the number of points at all times and if necessary, create more colour bombs.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the second level that requires a colour bomb + colour bomb combination. The first one is 794.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous Info

  1. (1 combination x 5,000 points per combination = 5,000 points) + (13 special candies x 1,000 points per special candies = 13,000 points) = 18,000 points

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