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When the player fails to meet certain conditions in a level within a certain number of moves, or due to the objective no longer being winnable, or due to pressing the Quit Button, the player may fail the level. In most cases, the player is given the option to continue by watching ads or paying Gold to have extra moves, or to give up.

The player fails the level if they select to give up, or less commonly, end game should they be evaluated as unwinnable. If so, your life count decreases by one.

Closing or restarting the app via any means such as a device restart or a crash are equivalent to giving up, ending the game, or quitting the level in almost all aspects. If such an action is taken, the consequences of failing a level like losing a life, win streak, or golden crown applies all the same.


When the player fails a level, Tiffi will say, "You did not collect/clear/bring down the (objective)." (This message is not shown when the quits the level by pressing the quit button, as it only shows the message "You pressed the quit button!") and asks the player to try again. The level failed screen also tells the reason why the player fails a level, like on the pictures shown in the gallery section. When you lose a win streak, the message will say (Don't give up, you'll lose your win streak!).

Given the current event-driven nature of the game, failing a new level should be avoided at all costs.


There are two main cases where the player will fail a level: giving up, and ending game.

Most reasons of level failure are reversible via a continue. The player either has the option to buy or watch ads to obtain extra moves and boosters, or give up. A consolation is the action of watching ads or using gold or events to allow the player to continue playing the level when the failure condition is met. If the player is close to completing the level, the "So close!" message will be displayed. These reasons include, and are not limited to:

  • Running out of moves without reaching the level objective.
  • Letting a candy bomb reach zero.
  • Running out of moves when you have not reached the target score in a level (moves level).
  • Running out of time when you have not completed the target score in level (timed level).
  • Fully unbalancing the Moon Scale during balancing moves (Dreamworld).

Less common reasons of level failure will instead result in a "Game Over" or "Oops" message, in which the player is not able to perform a consolation and must End Game by either pressing "Give up (-1)" or "X" button. They include:

  • Having no more possible matches even with shuffles
    • Possible if candy entry points are all blocked off and the remaining candies are too isolated or few in number.
    • Possible if blockers consume almost all candies, usually due to magic mixers.
    • On the earliest Flash versions, having no more possible matches will result in a "Game Over", meaning any level can be theoretically possible to fail at any moment.
  • Ending up in an unwinnable situation in certain order levels.
    • Possible if the Magic Mixer is cleared without collecting enough blockers that only come from them. A special message may be displayed if such a level requires keeping chocolate or Magic Mixers.

There are only a few cases of reaching an unwinnable state without immediately reaching a level failure. An example was Level 467 requiring two wrapped candy + colour bomb combinations in a quadrant board without entering mystery or lucky candies.


Initially, level failures are a regular part of the experience and the only impact is that one life is lost and used boosters will not be refunded. Losing lives is nowadays just a minor nuisance. It is better to take a level failure than to use a booster. Thus, using boosters are a risky deal due to their former rarity and should only be used if a booster is already used, that you are close to completing the objective, or that the level is extremely difficult.

You may still progress in some events in case of a level failure, such as Chocolate Box.

Level failures nowadays should now be avoided over retrying if a consolation can be obtained within a reasonable cost, though this applies only for first attempts. This is because many events, such as the Candy Necklace, rely on consecutive wins on current levels to maximize the boosters. This further highlights the importance of golden crowns.


  • While it has not been implemented (due to the associated level type being scrapped), the Candy Frog eating too much candy would result in failure in Frog levels. It will show the failure reason as "Candy Frog ate all the candy!"
  • Failing a Frog Level in HTML5, The Failure reason says. “You did not get the Candy Frog home!”
  • On Samsung Galaxy devices, if you press the back or quit button during a game, or if you run out of moves, you can check the remaining battery power and the current time. Useful if you need to check what time it is now or if you need to charge your device. As of Android 4.4 KitKat, it applies to all devices. You can pull down the notification bar to check your unread messages without having to leave the game!
  • The background is purple instead of cream (or pink on web version) in Dreamworld levels (Web and Mobile 1.58< only).
  • When you fail a level because of bombs, the reason for failure is, "You did not remove the bomb in time!" on web. However, in mobile, failing a level because of bombs would show the reason as, "You did not (clear all the jelly/bring down all ingredients/finish all the orders)", unless on a Moves and Timed level, which shows you failed the level because of not removing the bomb in time. This is the same case when you fail a level because of Odus falling off the moon scale, except that on web, the reason would be "Odus fell off the moon!".
  • On the Flash version, failing a moves level says, "You failed to reach _ points!".
  • Failing to complete a Reward Round will show a banner that says "Better luck next time!".
  • In very recent HTML5 versions, the level failed screen was completely redesigned, with Tiffi crying and holding a broken heart, selecting boosters in the same screen, but no leaderboard, score, failure reason and "You failed!" text. This may appear due to a glitch or bug, but is fixed a day later.
  • Failing a mixed mode level will only show one failure reason on a level failed screen (i.e. in jelly+ingredients mixed mode level, not bringing down all ingredients and clearing all the jelly will only show the failure reason as "You did not bring down all ingredients" (in recent versions the failure reason "You did not gather all collectibles" will show instead). Bringing down all ingredients but not clearing all the jelly, however, will show the failure reason as "You did not clear all the jelly").
  • Failing a fish level in Flash, The failure reason says "You failed to collect the Jelly Fish!"
  • On jelly+order mixed mode level, clearing all the jellies but not all orders are collected or not all jellies are cleared but all orders are collected will show the failure reason as "You did not reach the target score". This is odd because the objective involves finishing all orders and clearing all the jelly. This message is still shown even after the removal of Moves levels.
    • On the latest version, the "You did not reach the target score" failure message is the only message without a broken heart as a yellow star at the left is instead shown.
  • When failing a rainbow rapids level by not collecting all the rainbow candies, the failure reason says “You didn't collect all the Rainbow Candies.”
  • In recent versions, when failing ingredient levels and ingredient+jelly mixed mode levels (if the player does not clear all the jelly and bring down all ingredients, and all jelly were cleared but not bringing down all ingredients), the failure reason says "You did not gather all collectibles".