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Timed level=
Timed level=
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<gallery position="center" spacing="small">
Level 20 Reality.png|Level 20 - The first Timed level
Level 18 Reality 2nd Official Version.png|Level 18 - The first Timed level
Timed.png|Timed level
Timed.png|Timed level
Timed intro.PNG|Timed level intro
Timed intro.PNG|Timed level intro

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There are currently six level types throughout the whole game. Each type of level has a unique and different objective. All levels are marked with a colour based on their objectives.

Level types and properties

Level Type Description First Level Last Level Appearances
Moves Target score The first five moves levels are tutorial levels. These levels are marked orange.

In these levels, the objective is to reach the amount of given points to progress.
Moves levels are irregularly distributed.
Any leftover special candies will be activated during Sugar Crush.

1 6644 470 (7.07%)
Jelly Jelly These levels are marked blue.
The only way to pass these is to clear the amount of jelly in a certain number of moves needed to pass. The only jelly types are single jelly and double jelly.

When Sugar Crush occurs, you will get some bonus points, and three Jelly Fish will come out to eat candies at random for every remaining move.

6 6649 2069 (31.11%)
Ingredients Ingredient drop They are marked green. To pass, the player has to get the amount of ingredients in a number of moves.

When Sugar Crush occurs, a striped candy for each move leftover will take place and activate. Any special candies left will also be activated.

11 6646 1284 (19.31%)
Timed Timed They are marked purple. The only way to pass is to collect a number of points in the given amount of time.

Timed levels are very irregularly distributed; earlier episodes regularly feature one or two timed levels, while long groups of later episodes do not feature timed levels.
When Sugar Crush occurs, any +5 candies on board will activate and act like wrapped candy. Any other special candies left will be activated. These levels are marked purple.

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Candy Order Objective They are marked pink. To progress, the player has to collect an amount of certain types of candy, and/or make a number of combinations.

When Sugar Crush occurs, any moves remaining will create a striped candy and activate. This may also happen to any leftover special candy.

126 6642 1436 (21.59%)
Mixed Mode Mixed The goal of this level type is combining other two level types' goals. If the level requires crushing jelly and collect ingredients, the player has to do both of them to complete the level.

When Sugar Crush occurs, any moves remaining will create a striped candy and activate. This may also happen to any leftover special candy.

Formerly, all mixed levels were jelly-ingredients levels. Recently, a new combination has been added. Flash version will only have two combinations, HTML version may have more. This is chronologically the last level type on Flash version.

1688 6650 1392 (20.93%)
Jelly Color Only present once in a mobile-exclusive Cake Climb event.

The goal of this level was to turn all the red jellies green. Colored jellies were permanent throughout the level. Unlike regular jelly when hit, colored jelly turned from red to green, and back from green to red. Because green jelly can turn back to red, these levels were much harder than regular Jelly levels.

It is unknown when Jelly Color levels will be officially released. It is possible that the developers canceled development on these levels due to its potential difficulty.


Main article: List of Level Types


  • Each striped candy created at random during ingredients levels and candy order levels' Sugar Crush will produce 3,000 points. Now it also acts in jelly levels since version 1.60.0 of mobile.
  • Jelly levels are the most dominant levels, making up 46% of all levels, whereas Moves levels are the least dominant, making up only 2.26% of all levels.
  • Jelly levels are voted the hardest type of all, even the hardest level throughout the whole game (pre nerfed level 350 and 461) is a jelly level.
  • Timed levels on the other hand, are considered the easiest, due to the fact that the player has unlimited moves, and that for a long time, no time levels are any harder than Very Hard. However, they tend to be the hardest to earn three stars (level 1237 is the hardest level in Reality to earn three stars. This is followed by levels 297 and 1198).
    • The most recently released Timed levels are extremely hard to even earn one star.
  • There are 4 episodes that consist of only 2 level types. They are Candy Town, Sleepy Slopes, Twilight Egg, and Minty Meadow (Episode 64).
  • For the first time, the 117th episode, Sprinkle Sea, has all six level types.
  • Flash version only has six level types. HTML5 version may have more, depending on whether or not Jelly Colour levels are introduced.


Easiest level type

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Hardest level type

According you, which kind of level do you think is the hardest?

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