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For the destructible liquorice candy cane, see Liquorice Curl.
Licorice fence

Liquorice Fence.

The liquorice fence is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It is introduced in the 508th episode, with the first level featuring the blocker being level 7596.


First appearance Latest appearance
Level 7596 Level 7640

For the list of levels with this element, see here.


  • The liquorice fence is a type of Candy Cane Fence that blocks special candies (similarly to liquorice swirls).
  • The liquorice fence resembles the Candy Cane Fence, except it's red and black, instead of red and white.


  • This is the fourth blocker that resists special candies, after licorice swirls, popcorn and liquorice curls.
  • This blocker was introduced exactly one episode after Liquorice Curls, this blocker's destructible counterpart.
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