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Liquorice Lock

Liquorice Lock (also known as Licorice Lock or Locked Candy; prior fan terms include Liquorice X, Liquorice Cage, X Lock, or ) is one of the blockers in Candy Crush Saga. It protects the contents inside from moving, removal, and adjacent matches. It is somewhat common in the game, and it is quite a difficult blocker to get rid of, especially when there are lots of them. The blocker looks like a locked cage, with liquorice surrounding the outside of the square and an X-formation over the candy.

The blocker appeared unofficially in Level 25, and then officially as the new element in the 4th episode, Chocolate Mountains. After the mass redesign, they are now officially introduced in Episode 3, Level 21, formerly Lemonade Lake. Locked Candy Bombs originally started appearing in Level 100; subsequent releases introduce liquorice locks locking other elements, such as mystery candies, chameleon candies, special candies, and even other blockers.


For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.


Locked candies cannot be switched with; additionally locked blockers cannot be cleared by adjacent matches. Locked elements may only be unlocked by a match if the element is coloured, or by a special effect, such as by special candies, explosions, or Cake Bombs.

If a candy under this blocker is matched, it will only be considered as released from captivity, meaning that it will not be cleared, but you will still get the points. If a match of 4 or more is performed, you will still get the corresponding special candy. Such a match is only considered as destroying the blocker, and it can be viewed as having the blocker revealing its content. This includes stripes, explosions, ordinary colour bomb blasts, Jelly Fish, &. Only a few interactions involve eliminating the inside content: namely by the activation of the special candy via Sugar Crush or colour bomb combinations, or by instant elimination through a Toffee Tornado or a direct shot by a UFO.

Locked secondary elements and blockers may retain their unique properties or behave differently when locked. One thing common is that they can no longer be cleared through adjacent matches if the inside blocker is affected by adjacent matches, making them much harder to remove, while effectively adding the blocker an extra layer. Candy bombs can still limit your move count even when locked, furthermore they are very dangerous as it requires two hits to remove the bomb. Blockers that block special candy effects, such as liquorice swirls and liquorice shells, can still block the effect even while locked, in which only the lock is removed. Locked chocolate, chocolate fountains, magic mixers, however, will not spread or add/replace elements until the lock has been removed (which requires special effects).

Rarely, a level may feature an empty liquorice lock. It can be thought more of applying liquorice lock effects to an empty space. If an element is to be cleared, the liquorice lock instead sacrificially protects the underlying element. As of Candy Cup, this applies to Level 2654; this is actually an unintended mistake and the empty liquorice lock once contained a regular candy. Due to a technical subtlety, empty liquorice locks are nearly indestructible; the only known way of removing them is via Lollipop Hammer, Cake Bomb, or (if jelly is under the lock) Jelly Fish. Stripes, wrap explosions, and the colour bomb+colour bomb combo will have no effect given they are trying to affect an empty space instead.

Notable levels[]

  • Level 25 - First appearance.
  • Level 98 - First level to have candy bombs underneath.
  • Level 100 - Formely the first to feature a locked candy bomb. Formerly unofficially the first appearance of jelly fish underneath.
  • Level 393 - 100th level with liquorice locks.
  • Level 440 - The level with the most locked candy bombs.
  • Level 472 - Formerly the level with the most locked candies, but it was possible to fail before the level starts. Also the first level with chameleon candies underneath.
  • Level 518 - The first level with jelly fish underneath. However, these are working like marmalade.
  • Level 654 - First appearance of locked three-layered frosting, due to redesign.
  • Level 677 - The first level with striped candies underneath.
  • Level 696 - The first level with wrapped candies underneath.
  • Level 733 - The first reality level with colour bombs inside.
  • Level 744 - The first level with coconut wheels underneath.
  • Level 797 - The second level with jelly fish underneath. However, in this case, the liquorice locks are working as liquorice locks itself.
  • Level 826 - 200th level with liquorice locks.
  • Level 842 - The first level with lucky candies underneath.
  • Level 848 - The first level with UFOs underneath.
  • Level 849 - The first level with ingredients underneath.
  • Level 1057 - 300th level with liquorice locks.
  • Level 1071 - The first level with chocolate-covered candy frog underneath.
  • Level 1330 - Originally the first level with a regular candy frog underneath before the level was changed.
  • Level 1398 - The first level where liquorice locks can be spawned by the magic mixer.
  • Level 1421 - The first level with a regular candy frog underneath (also the original version of level 1330, before the addition of magic mixers to the game).
  • Level 1590 - First appearance of locked magic mixers.
  • Level 1596 - First appearance of locked chocolate fountains.
  • Level 2575 - First appearance of locked five-layered frosting.
  • Level 2623 - First appearance of locked two-layered frosting.
  • Level 2662 - First appearance of locked bobbers.
  • Level 2680 - First appearance of locked liquorice swirls (due to buff).
  • Level 2704 - First appearance of locked liquorice swirls (without buff), and the first appearance of locked four-layered frosting.
  • Level 2740 - First appearance of locked one-layered and three-layered frosting.
  • Level 2969 - First appearance of locked regular icing until it was removed.
  • Level 3503 - First appearance of toffee swirls in liquorice locks.
  • Level 5022 - Unofficially the first appearance of liquorice locks on conveyor belts, due to a redesign.
  • Level 5098 - Officially the first appearance of liquorice locks on conveyor belts (though they lock sugar keys instead of regular candies).
  • Level 5106 - Officially the first appearance of locked regular candies on conveyor belts.
  • Level 5683 - First appearance of locked rainbow twists.
  • Level 6538 - First appearance of locked bubblegum pops.
  • Level 7124 - First appearance in rainbow rapids levels.
  • Level 8776 - First appearance of locked bonbon blitz.
  • Level 9001 - First level with a different colour scheme where liquorice locks appear.
  • Level 9629 - First appearance of locked jelly jars.
  • Level 10001 - First five-digit level with liquorice locks.
  • Level 10461 - First appearance of locked candy cobra baskets.
  • Level 10721 - First appearance of locked candy cobras.
  • Level 15543 - First appearance of locked gumball machines.


  • These blockers are significantly harder to deal with than liquorice swirls, yet the swirls are introduced later.
  • This blocker is one of the reasons that the infamous first version of level 65 is hard.
  • Originally, they are seen keeping candy bombs, mystery candies, chameleon candies, and later, special candies captive.
    • However, there was a glitch that if a candy was matched with a special candy on mobile, the special candy would activate. It was fixed later, but this is the reason level 677 was much harder to pass.
    • In level 518, the locks over the jelly fish function like marmalade rather than locked candies. Level 397 and level 514 used to have a similar glitch, but it was fixed. This glitch only happens on web. On mobile, they are just shown as marmalade.
  • A jelly fish that hits a liquorice lock will not remove a layer of the jelly beneath it. It will only remove the lock.
    • But if the jelly fish hits a piece of locked chocolate, both the lock and the chocolate will be removed (web version only).
  • If liquorice lock is destroyed:
    • On the web version, it will disappear.
    • On the mobile version, it will break into pieces.
  • There is another glitch on mobile v1.60, where, if a formation during cascades is going to make a special candy, but the candy spawning location is chosen on a locked candy, the special candy will not be made immediately, but the released candy will become that special candy if it is matched later.
  • Chronologically, this is the first blocker that has never been required as part of a candy order.
    • It is one of two fully destructible (i.e. not indestructible or semi-indestructible) blockers in the game that has never been required for orders, the other being Marmalade. It is unlikely that it ever will be because it is so easy to destroy. However, blockers such as jelly jars are required for orders in jelly-order mixed levels in spite of being redundant, so it's possible that they may be required for orders, if only for order locks.
  • This element is similar to liquorice lock of Candy Crush Soda. However, the appearance of this blocker is different from Candy Crush Soda Saga.
    • In Candy Crush Soda Saga, there are liquorice swirls in liquorice locks. In Candy Crush Saga, later levels have locked swirls on the board at the start of the level. However, this occurs much later in the game than in Candy Crush Soda Saga.
    • In Candy Crush Soda Saga, locked liquorice swirls lose the resistance to special candies until the lock is broken. In this game, however, locked liquorice swirls keep their resistance.
  • Liquorice locks have the tilemap code 008.
  • They seem to behave like the locked gems in Bejeweled Twist.
  • This is the only liquorice-based blocker to not block special candy effects.


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