Jelly levels are the most common level type, making up 34.69% of Reality levels, with 1516 total appearances out of 4370 levels. Every episode has at least two jelly levels. The typical episode has between five and seven jelly levels. Earlier episodes, before the introduction of candy order levels, may contain eight or even nine, whereas Wafer Wharf contains only two. Minty Meadow has the highest number of jelly levels at 12. However, after mixed level is introduced in Sugar Shrubs, jelly levels are less frequent than earlier episodes.

Jelly levels are also the most common level type Dreamworld, making up 45.71% all the levels, with 304 jelly levels of the 665 total levels. Fifteen timed levels and one moves level in Reality are converted to jelly levels in the Dreamworld. Two jelly levels (level 172 and 276) are converted to order levels in the Dreamworld, both of them being erroneous copies of other Reality levels.

Additionally, Level 1180 was formerly a candy order level before being completely nerfed and redesigned to a jelly level.

Below is a list of every jelly level that has appeared in the game.

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