This article is about the character in Fizzy Falls. If you are looking for the element when the player scores a certain number of points, see Stars.
Little Star
Episode 45 character after
Gender Unknown
First appearance Unknown
Problem She is stuck on top of a roof of the pagoda.
Solution Tiffi sends fireworks to bring the little star up.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Little Star is a minor character of Candy Crush Saga. She first appears in the 45th episode, Fizzy Falls. Before introducing level 651, she is stuck on top of a roof of the pagoda. After completing level 665, Tiffi sends fireworks to bring the little star up to the skies.


  • She does not appear at all in Dozy Dawn, the special Dreamworld equivalent of Fizzy Falls. Therefore she is the first character in chronological order to not appear in Dreamworld and is one of three characters who debuts in a Reality episode which has a Dreamworld counterpart without appearing in Dreamworld.
    • The other two characters are the Alien and the Train Driver (as they do not appear in Nerdy Nebula and Starlight Station respectively, but may be indirectly involved).
    • However, Little Star is the only member that is not even implied to take any role in its Dreamworld counterpart, as its Dreamworld counterpart is not based on the Dreamworld version of Fizzy Falls..


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