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The booster before use with the day counter.

Live Forever is a booster on Candy Crush Saga that was introduced on May 8, 2014. Each copy will give the player who uses it infinity lives for 1 to 24 hours. If you purchase a booster or an instant access to the next episode, you will be able to obtain this booster immediately.

Unlike other boosters, Live Forever does not appear alone. It is a bonus upon buying boosters. It may also appear as a bonus of purchasing something with gold, or as a reward of events. Also, this booster cannot be saved, and will be activated upon obtaining. Getting more copies of this booster will add to the total effective time.

Note: Do not obtain this booster by buying extra lives, since it does not offer any further benefits unlike all other purchases. In fact, do not buy extra lives using gold under ANY circumstances.


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(For web version)

  • When you cursor on the pink heart, an inscription will show up: "You have unlimited lives.".
  • When you cursor on the time an inscription will show up: "You have unlimited lives. Play all you want before the time expires.".
  • When you cursor on the icon when you buy something with gold, an inscription will show up: "Get 2 hours unlimited lives with this purchase".

Way to ObtainEdit


  • Buy some boosters when they are available.


  • Buy some boosters when they are available.
  • Clear the events.
  • Obtain the chests from Treasure Ahead.
  • May be obtained as a free reward.
  • Buy directly (since v1.69). The price is 39 gold bars for 2 hours, 69 gold bars for 6 hours, or 89 gold bars for 24 hours. Warning: Do not buy this booster alone under any circumstances!


  • When this is activated, the timer on live icon will show the remaining time in "h:min" format in mobile or "h:min:s" in web, rather than the usual "min:s" format.
    • On mobile when this is activated, pressing the lives button does nothing.
  • When the effect wears off, players will start with full lives.
  • Note that even if a single copy can give up to 24 hours, the total effective time can stack over 24 hours.
  • This is one of the few boosters that are actually commonly used, but you should never ever buy it directly. It should only be obtained in conjunction with other boosters, or when you buy it with boosters during a certain time.


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